Aug 30, 2007

Department of Legal-but-Stupid

Left: Might be legal, but it sure ain't bright

You get ready to make a left turn at a stop light, and there is a car ahead of you with its left turn signal on. Both of you begin your turn, and then SCREECH! The idiot in front of you hits the brakes and decides to make an immediate right turn into a gas station or convenience store.

This happens far too often for my liking, and I put forth the proposition that such vehicular stooges are self-absorbed, Neanderthalic twits who cause quite a few preventable accidents with their impulsivity and lack of awareness of traffic flow.

And invariably there is a second or third driveway to the business that suddenly catches our subject's attention. The likelihood of a rearend collision would be significantly reduced if these dweebs would simply put on a right turn signal and use the next entrance.

But these nitwits drive around unaware of their fellow motorists, often with a cellular phone glued to their heads, seemingly itching for an accident with their oblivious manner. And the worst part? The person who will eventually smite one of these passive-aggressive dolts will probably be the recipient of the failure-to-yield ticket in such an accident.


Anonymous said...

And insult to injury Mike, if you colided with the said caveman YOU would be cited for "failure to yield assured clear distance."


Mad Jack said...

I believe that's "failure to maintain a safe distance" or words to that effect. The real culprit is poor construction. The entrance to the gas station shouldn't be so close to the intersection, because people will do what you've observed.

Mind you, most of these people have no real business on the road anyway.

Hooda Thunkit said...

You'd think that enough of would have died of their own stupidity by now, for the gene pool to clear up a little, but it hasn't...