Aug 24, 2007

Dodging the Thunderstorm

(Toledo, OH) A powerful line of thunderstorms ripped through Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan this evening, setting off tornado sirens and turning the skies above into an eerie blend of black, green, and grey.

I was northbound on Secor near Dorr when I heard the sirens, and a National Weather Service bulletin came on the radio. I called my kids and told them to head to the basement. Unfortunately, every idiot on northbound Secor had his head out the window gawking at the arriving storm, and I found the trip home harrowing due to my moronic fellow travelers.

"$%!%$# !!" I hollered at the slow-moving vehicles. "$&!$&!$! !!"

I did manage to beat the storm to my house, but there were a few moments as the front edge of the storm arrived that I thought I would end up a storm statistic. Some early wind gusts had to be over 40 MPH, and there were already quite a few downed branches in my neighborhood.


jshriver said...

There was a cloud rotation over my house earlier. Reported it to skywarn, was also seen by another ham a few minutes later over by the drive in. Besides that, there was a time when a thick cloud bellowed over another cloud almost like it was being poured from a bucket, was amazing. To bad my camera was dead, else I would have had some nice video and pics.

That time of year.

liveweatherman said...

That kind of rotating dark wall of cloud is pretty scary..But that kind of view is very attractive to look at..Nice pic