Aug 5, 2007

Kalamazoo Yawns as White Supremacists Rally

Photo of white supremacists rallying in Kalamazoo courtesy of WZZM-13

(Kalamazoo, MI) Between 30 and 40 white supremacists attended a rally in Kalamazoo billed as a protest against "Black Gang Terrorism" yesterday. There were no reports of serious injuries, although at least four counter-protesters were arrested on a variety of charges.

Organized by racist podcaster Hal Turner, the event drew suporters from across the racist right, including members of the Ku Klux Klan and the National Socialist Movement. Reports on the number of counter-protesters varied between 60 and 120; many of the counter-protesters refused to enter the fenced-off area created by police for the purpose.

On a side note, the neo-Nazi group the American National Socialist Workers' Party (ANSWP) staged an alternative protest outside the rally zone. Bill White, Commander of ANSWP, was joined by Michigan ANSWP member Neal Joitke to pass out literature and to claim to passersby that "Hal Turner is a fraud."

ANSWP members Bill White and Neal Joitke walking to protest Hal Turner and anti-racistsLeft: ANSWP members Bill White and Neal Joitke walking to protest both Hal Turner and anti-racists

A scuffle ensued between White, Joitke, and antiracists that was broken up by police, and neo-Nazi forums claim that NSM members came to the aid of White and Joitke. Bill White said that he "busted commie skulls" during the short conflict, but these claims cannot be confirmed by independent sources.

ANSWP members have publicly announced a return to Toledo on August 17, which may be in conjunction with an ANSWP event scheduled on August 18 "25 miles east of Battle Creek." The city of Toledo has vowed to force ANSWP to obtain a permit and participate in a controlled rally. Bill White has denied that the group intends to rally in Toledo, calling any August 17 event a "literature drop."

Bill White, with the NSM before its 2006 breakup, was the mastermind behind the failed 15 October 2005 rally that led to the North Toledo riot. Local antiracist groups will be staging a rally later this month to protest municipal expenditures to protect neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. The first two Toledo rallies reulted in over $700,000 in spending to protect the racist groups.


Anonymous said...

Bill WHite only got one ANSWP freak to show up??


Anonymous said...

Bill White's "fact sheet" (really a "lie sheet") says this:

Founded: July 18, 2006 by 118 former members and official supporters of the National Socialist Movement

Size: 327 members and contributors; approximately 850 total members, contributors, contacts and supporters.

But only 2 ANuSWiPe freaks show up. PATHETIC!!

historymike said...

Anonymous #1:

It appears that way. He mentioned that an unknown male named "Mike" also joined he and Neal.

historymike said...

Anonymous #2:

I received the ANSWP fact sheet last week. Bill's Yahoo Groups ANSWP site claims 356 members, but these undoubtedly claim a significant number of antifa, law enforcement, and enemies of BW who want to kep tabs on the Roanoke anarchist-turned-communist-turned-Third-Positionist-turned-racist.

Anonymous said...

Just saw that there is a preemptive rally being held to demand that the city not spend any more money on these asshats.

Sounds good, and the only concern would be a possible lawsuit by the Nazis, but it would be without any legal merit, and I can't imagine any jury siding with them in any case.

Check it out:

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it's like to devote so much of one's self and life to hating people enough to organize rallies to spew that hatred.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I LOVE IT when these crazies fight amongst themselves; it's great entertainment ;-)

Roland Hansen said...

The "supremists" are neanderthals.

Roland Hansen said...

er, uh, I meant
The "supremacists" are neanderthals.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

I suppose that this proves that lunatics are still able to walk the streets of America regardless of their IQ.