Aug 26, 2007

My Fantasy Football Addiction

Left: fantasy football draft board

I have long been an afficianado of the game known as fantasy football. For those of you unfamiliar with this addictive activity, participants act as team owners and draft NFL players, and points are awarded on the basis of the player's performance in real games.

When I was a retail business owner I joined one of these leagues that was created by one of my key employees, and there has been a core group of guys from my old business that still gets together each year at this time for the draft.

I have an annoying tendency to assemble solid teams that implode at playoff time. Over the past three years my teams have posted a .608 winning percentage, second best in the league over that span, but I have never won the fantasy Super Bowl in my league.

This year I drafted in eighth place in the 10-team league, and I luckily snagged San Francisco running back Frank Gore, who has been getting snagged somewhere around the third or fourth overall pick in mock drafts. Here is the 2007 version of the Brooks Bombers:

QB Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
RB Frank Gore, San Francisco 49ers
RB Brandon Jacobs, NY Giants
WR Chad Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals
WR Javon Walker, Denver Broncos
TE Alge Crumpler, Atlanta Falcons
K Nate Kaeding, San Diego Chargers
Team Defense - San Diego Chargers

QB Eli Manning, NY Giants
QB Tarvaris Jackson, Minnesota Vikings
RB Jamal Lewis, Cleveland Browns
RB Dominic Rhodes, Oakland Raiders
RB Chris Brown, Tennessee Titans
WR Santana Moss, Washington Redskins
WR Mark Clayton, Baltimore Ravens
WR Devery Henderson, NO Saints
TE Greg Olsen, Chicago Bears
Team Defense - Seattle Seahawks

Hope springs eternal on fantasy football draft day, and I look forward to feeding my addiction on these upcoming Sunday afternoons. Perhaps this will be the year that I take home the trophy and cash for winning the championship, but the league comraderie and the excitement of the game are certainly benefits that accompany this compulsion.

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