Aug 11, 2007

Nazi Pop Twins - Prussian Blue

"Nazi Pop Twins" is a documentary by filmmaker James Quinn about the neo-Nazi teen pop singers Lynx and Lamb Gaede, better known as Prussian Blue. Here is a lengthy excerpt of the film courtesy of; if you are intrigued, there will be links at the end of the clip to watch the rest of the film:

In some ways it appears that the Gaede twins are beginning to step back from the racist ideology with which their mother April has inculcated them. Yet it is clear that they still retain quite a bit of hatred for non-whites, and it is sad to see extreme ideology being parroted by children.

April Gaede comes across in the film as an intellectual lightweight, and appears to delight in shocking others with her unabashed racism. She denies that she is a neo-Nazi, and then later brandishes a smiley-faced T-shirt with the likeness of Adolf Hitler. At several points in the film she attempts to coach Lynx and Lamb off camera with the "correct" white nationalist answers, but the twins spend much of the film distancing themselves from their batshit mother.

Perhaps the most despicable person in the film, though, is the grandfather of the twins, Bill Gaede, a California rancher who brands his livestock with swastikas. He is the epitome of the ignorant racist redneck, and he is the sort of idiotic white supremacist one could almost find funny were he not so deadly serious about his ideology. He claims to have shot six Mexicans in the past four years, and he spends time on camera describing acts of bestiality that is supposedly a hallmark of illegal immigrants.

Note: the film contains vulgar language, references to violence, and blatant racism, so be forewarned.


1488 said...

Stuff it, Jew. You haven't realized that the white revolution has already started!

Hooda Thunkit said...


I fail to see the purpose in giving this kind of rubbish space on your blog.

Surely the media gives these girls more than enough coverage, and all it seems to do for you is attract flies like ole 1488 there.

historymike said...


1. I'm not Jewish, but I think Jews are pretty cool. Neo-Nazis have a hard time understanding that what is for them the ultimate insult - "JEW!" - fails to bother most people.

2. If Bill and April Gaede are representative of the "white revolution," mthinks ye shall be squashed like maggots.

historymike said...


Maybe so, although James Quinn's documentary is chilling. For me the neo-Nazi movement is kind of like an itchy, infected wound at which I keep picking.

Maybe Benadryl is the answer...

Kathleen said...

If he did kill all those Mexicans, shouldn't he be in prison already?

Americans are so obsessed with getting their 15 minutes of fame, shock value seems to be the order of the day.


MP said...

My itchy, infected wound is

1488's itch, infected wound is the Jews.

Doesn't anyone have any worthwhile conspiracies in which to invest their time? Hasn't this "Jewish Conspiracy," in which 1488 undoubtedly believes, been overblown for the past like, 2000 years now?