Aug 20, 2007

On Days With Rain

A glance at the weather forecast indicated that the next seven days will be wet ones in Northwest Ohio. I am a person who looks forward to rainy days, and not just for the importance of precipitation for my gardens.

I take a guilty pleasure in waking up and seeing gray skies, lstening to the sound of raindrops on the roof above my bed. Rainy days mean that I am under no obligation to do any yard work, auto repairs, or anything of an outdoor nature. Moreover, if I choose to spend the day writing, reading, and meditating on such a day, my hangup that people will view me as lazy for such intellectual pursuits does not creep into my thoughts.

There is something liberating, then, on a rainy day: a freedom from the routine and a sense that one can putz about the house without concern for pressing obligations. Tomorrow will arrive soon enough, and the rain acts almost like free pass, or a gift to the weary.

For those who must head back to work today, and for whom the rain only means a longer commute and wet clothing, I hope that you are rewarded with a rainy day soon.

Unless, of course, you would prefer that your day of freedom be one with clear skies.


-Sepp said...

I need thunder and lightning in my rain. A good storm is always welcome in the house of Sepp since my kids don't fear them and we sit together and watch the lightning. Nothing beats those times to listen to the kid's thoughts between flashes!

LTLOP said...

Yeah, nothing beats a good house rattling thunderstorm. The best one I ever saw was in Memphis. We were on an upper hotel floor right next to the Mississippi river, lights off in the room and just the anticipation between claps of thunder and the lightning streaking across the sky was unbelievable.

microdot said...

It's the end of the high vacation season here and in the very pricey vacation cottages nestled in the isolated rural hills there sit families bored out of their mids as it has rained almost every day for the last month....not only rain, but unseasonably cold....
Madness is beginning to set in as the kids start their afternoon group whining that their is nothing to do in the stinking country except throw rocks at cows and the wife suggests that she takes the credit card and they all go into Perigueux to shop!
No wonder the wine shelves in all th4e supermarkets are empty!