Aug 4, 2007

On Tom Tancredo, Bombing Muslim Holy Sites, and Abject Stupidity

I have become used to hearing the fascist, quasi-racist rants of Representative Tom Tancredo on the issue of illegal immigration. Tancredo, who is also a Republican presidential candidate, has made something of a name for himself by staking ground on the fringes of the immigration debate.

Yet the absurd call by Tancredo Tuesday that the U.S. should bomb Muslim holy sites as means to deter terror attacks is a new low for the four-term congressman. Moreover, one begins to question the thought processes that led Tancredo to this dubious conclusion.

The terrorists who embrace a violent strain of Islamic philosophy began to single out the United States as the object of their rage after the 1990-91 Gulf War. In particular, the presence of U.S. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia and the U.S.-led sanctions against Iraq were the sources of contention for people like Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden, as most of you already know, was once our ally when the attention of radical Islamists was on the former Soviet Union for its invasion of Afghanistan.

History aside, Tancredo's call to attack Muslim holy sites would only serve to enrage the radical Islamists even more, and would act as a rallying cry across the Muslim world. The recruitment efforts by terrorist groups toward disaffected Muslims to participate in terror campaigns would gain a tremendous boost by such an asinine campaign. Imagine how indignant and enraged Catholics would be if, for example, the Vatican or the Shrine at Lourdes were bombed.

Yet Tancredo continues to stand behind his idiotic proposal, leading this pundit to question his intelligence and/or sanity. At the very least, Tancredo's comments forcefully underscore the idea that the congressman belongs far, far away from the Oval Office. The sound we now here is the rushing of the last blasts of hot air that were left in the balloon that was the Tom Tancredo campaign.


Anonymous said...

Tancredo is a babbling idiot.

Hooda Thunkit said...

With comments such as this, let's hope his candidacy's death is swift and final.



Loring Wirbel said...

As a Colorado resident (Colorado Springs, usually worse than the Denver region), I find it deplorable that more of Tancredo's constituents in the suburban-Denver districts he serves don't rise up in anger at all this crap he's regularly touting. Truth is, far too many of them believe in many of his statements regarding illegal immigration. It's only when the extent of his blanket racism comes out, at times like these, that it becomes undeniable what a moronic extremist he really is. Denver constituents of Tancredo, you are under notice as of today. Start speaking out loud and clear, or be painted with the same brush with which rational people will paint Turkey Tom.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

My wife and I watched "Jesus Camp" last evening and the theme was astonishing. It was all about hate.

You might have thought that a camp for Christian children would be all about love. Sadly, this was an Evangelical Christian camp and the theme was anger, hate, "them" and politics.

The idea of the indoctrination of children into a religious cult here in America blows me away. Of course, t here have been kooks who have done that, but this movie chronicles millions of fundamentalist Christians who indoctrinate their children [ 75% are home schoolers] day in and day out.

The 'enemy' are non-Christians. This includes non born-again Christians and clearly Muslims.

This camp and the tactics used on the fundamentalist children smacks of Hitlerjungen and the madras schools in the Middle East. Yet our camps/schools are so all-American, red, white, and blue. Flags waving, patriotism gushing.

Tell me the difference.

Clearly, as this post demonstrates, one can easily understand why Tancredo can make this kind of statement and receive praise among the right-wing fundamentalists.

Dangerously sick religious zealots masquerading as your patriotic next door neighbor.

Man with the Muck-rake said...

note to loring wirbel:

The movie Jesus Camp noted that Colorado Springs has the greatest number of evangelical Christians in America.

historymike said...


Agreed about Tancredo's tendency to babble.

historymike said...


Agreed that Tancredo's already-tottering candidacy received a tremendous hit with this comment.

historymike said...

Loring Wirbel:

Thanks for weighing in with a Colorado perspective on Turkey Tom. Great meme!

historymike said...

Loring Wirbel:

Thanks for weighing in with a Colorado perspective on Turkey Tom. Great meme!

historymike said...


Agreed about Jesus Camp. Some of these folks are downright scary.

Jim Jones kind of scary.

microdot said...

Jesus Camp is going to be on French TV in a few weeks...can't wait to see it!

kooz said...

I say, if our enemies hide in these alleged "holy sites" then we have every right to bomb them.

To man with muck you think muslims are teaching their children to love christians and jews? C'mon man! Do you think true American patriotism is being overly tolerant and letting muslim terrorists assimilate into our country so we can all be friends before they destroy us.

Look up your history for pete sake. None of our victories in war left much room for tolerance of the enemy.