Aug 31, 2007

A Pack of Dogs

We have been foster parents with a group called Planned Pethood for some time now, and we received calls twice this week for dogs. Pictured are the five dogs who will be inhabiting our house for at least the next few days, and for one very brief moment in time they stood still for a group picture.

Temporarily joining our household are Chachi, who is the white dog at twelve o'clock, and Percy, the rust-colored dachshund to Chachi's left. Chachi was abandoned by a breeder, while Percy was a lost dog who was picked up by the Fulton County dog warden.

Both dogs are well-behaved, good-tempered companions who are looking for a good home. We will be bringing them to the Planned Pethood Adoptathon tomorrow, which will take place at the Rossford PetSmart: 27161 Crossroads Parkway.

For more information on adopting rescue dogs, see the Planned Pethood website.

1 comment:

Mad Jack said...

Those dogs don't appear to have missed too many meals. Thanks for taking them in and caring for them.

My dogs and cats have all been strays that showed up one way or another.