Aug 5, 2007

The Sanctuary at Wildwood

(Jones, MI) My wife and I spent two nights and three days in western Michigan last week at a bed-and-breakfast The Sanctuary at Wildwood, and we were quite impressed with the accommodations, hospitality, and overall excellence of this establishment.

Each of the rooms at The Sanctuary has a different theme, and we stayed in a room called Keeper of the Wild. The room features handmade birch furniture, beautiful wildlife murals, and a birch trunk headboard. Included with the room are a full bath, a Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a service bar with refrigerator, a writing desk and a private patio.

Nestled on a 95-acre parcel south of Kalamazoo, The Sanctuary boasts hiking paths that meander through forests and meadows. In addition, there is a small private lake that is stocked with a variety of gamefish, and The Sanctuary has a heated outdoor pool for relaxation.

Within a 30-minute drive of the inn are a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities for those who wish to explore western Michigan. One of the highlights of staying at The Sanctuary is the hospitality of the hosts, Dolly and Dick Buerkle, as they know all the quality destinations and are more than happy to make reservations for you.

The Sanctuary wouldn't be a "bed-and-breakfast" without providing visitors with a morning meal, and Dick and Dolly prepared incredible meals every breakfast. Each morning we went downstairs to the dining room and enjoyed breakfasts so delicious they were almost beyond description.

The Sanctuary at Wildwood is located at 58138 M-40 in Jones, Michigan, and you can reach Dick and Dolly at 269-244-5910 to make reservations.


Roland Hansen said...

Sounds real nice.

Hooda Thunkit said...


You MUST stop tempting me like this.

I'm vulnerable right now :-)

Mad Jack said...

Nestled on a 95-acre parcel south

I have yet to read about anything that isn't 'nestled' one way or another. I'm tired of reading about things that are nestled.

My brother and I had breakfast at a B&B called The Creamery. It's in Wisconsin and is a converted dairy. There's a pottery shop next door with an eccentric artist who is able to click his heels together in mid-leap. The shop is self-serve.

melissaj said...

Hey, I have been trying to get a hold of someone at this place to make reservations but the phone number isn't working and the website doesn't go anywhere either...did it close??? I hope not I really wanted to stay in that birch room.