Aug 19, 2007

Video Promotes Shooting Mexicans to Stop Illegal Immigration

A video clip has recently surfaced on YouTube that reportedly features a member of the Mountain Minutemen training a gunsight on Mexicans standing near the US-Mexico border. During the clip, there are clear sounds of a shotgun shell being chambered and the discharge of the same weapon.

While watching the group of Mexicans in his sight, the unnamed vigilante mutters menacing words for the video's soundtrack:

“All right, come on across, motherfuckers. Yeah, go that way. I dare you to go that way. That’s my fucking trail, bitch!”

A virtual hat tip to Dave Neiwert at Orcinus for this disturbing video (warning - graphic language is present throughout):

While the producers of this film - which may or may not be a staged event - should not be classified as "typical" of the anti-immigration movement, the film does demonstrate the level of extreme nativism and racism creeping into the debates over illegal immigration.

In broken Spanish, the narrator warns away the Mexicans, who remain well beyond both shotgun range and the U.S. border:

"No entrada, puto...Estados Unidos es cerrado!" ("No entering, f**got. The United States is closed!")

Returning to his base camp, the anonymous narrator clearly enjoys his night of vigilante videography.

"And that's how you get rid of Mexicans," the knuckle-dragging redneck laughs to himself.

And yet many Americans simply shrug off the antics of mentally unstable buffoons like the narrator of this video, preferring to hold fast to the notion that anti-illegal immigration activist groups are really akin to neighborhood watches. My true fear, of course, is that these border vigilantes are a phenomenon similar to the rise of fascist political gangs like the SA that contributed to the fall of Weimar Germany.

But, hey - what do I know? I spend all of my time in historical texts, so it is no surprise that I see these parallels, right? Now go back to your blissful Sunday afternoon and watch a pleasant movie, and forget about all of this crazy talk, folks.


Anonymous said...

Not much can be known from that minute and a half of video other than that the guy is tired of these clowns crossing the border. One must ask why this guy spent a crapload of money on nightvision with camera capability. A rancher who has been ripped off too many times perhaps? I was hardly incited to shoot Mexicans by this guy to stop illegal immigration as I doubt anyone else would be.

Ever lived in Arizona? I have and guess what? I seen firsthand the midwestern myth debunked that all the illegals are comming here to work and chase the American dream. Unless of course the dream has changed into selling drugs, pimping smuggled women and stealing.

And come on HM, comparing these guys to the SA and Weimar is reaching pretty far into left field. The minuteman project began as a group of ranchers who were sick of their fences being cut and being robbed blind while law enforcement stood by doing nothing. Hardly a bunch of streetfighters ready to overthrow the government.

BTW, "anti-immigration movement" is a BS mislable if I've ever heard one. "Anti-ILLEGAL-immigration movement" is an accurate descriptor since nobody is complaining about LEGAL immigration. Even your neo-nazi subscribers never mention legal immigrants as far as I have ever heard.


historymike said...


1. I have lived in Texas, and know from firsthand experience the frustrations of legal residents at illegal immigrants. Still, this sometimes came across as racism to my ears. I once got chastised by a white supervisor for speaking Spanish with my co-workers (envision a heavy Texas drawl): "Mike, we'd prefer that you speak English with the help. We're trying to get them on the same page, and speaking Spanish holds them back." Sorry, dorkwad (I thought to myself) - where ah come from, being multilingual is an asset, and it's a sign of respect when y'all communicate with an ESL person in their first language, Bubba.

2. Agreed that I should have used the term "anti-illegal immigration." An oversight on my part, and I will update the post to reflect that.

3. Perhaps my linkage of the Minutemen and the SA is a stretch. Perhaps, too, consider that this connection is merely premature. If my assessment is correct, the next ten years will be grim ones. Let's hope that I am wrong.

4. As far as the neo-Nazis and white supremacists go, illegal immigration is a hot issue. They see illegals as an entry into mainstream thought, and publicly discuss using illegal immigration as a key to creating the "race war" they fervently believe will happen. Check out the VNN Forum, for example, to see how many illegal immigration threads there are:

5. Yes, there are criminal elements exploiting the porous border, there's no doubt about that. However, the vast majority of illegals come here for the same reasons our ancestors did: because life back home sucked, and there were better opportunities in the U.S. Until conditions in Mexico and Central America improve, the U.S. will continue to be a beacon of economic opportunity.

6. And you probably know where I am going with the illegal drug trade, which repressive domestic U.S. drug policies have failed to eradicate: 1)decriminalize possession of narcotics; 2)spend the money it costs to lock up millions of drug abusers on treatment and education; 3)eventually legalize, tax, and take the profit incentive out of most narcotics.

Matt said...

Legal or illegal immigrants are always villified by nativists. The KKK had a great surge in membership with the influx of LEGAL Roman Catholic immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. Ot doesn't really matter for a Xenophobe whether someone is legally or illegally in the US. The fact is they're here and that's enough for them to focus their hate on them.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with the video, the guy is just an idiot, but I would support shooting of illegal border crossings. Great on the job training for US military sniper teams.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee if the Russians were coming across the Bering Straits in the numbers that the Beans are, we would have been shooting them a long time ago. The fact of the matter is that if we do start shooting them, they will stop coming. It is great target practice and hunting season could be all year long. They breed like cock roaches and will take over this country as they have already began to do.

Anonymous said...

when is this country going to wake the fuck up and realize these motherfuckers are taking over this country from within,I dont care if you think this is racist fuck you!it's the truth have you ever seen a mexican family with less than 3 or four kids?at this countries expense no less.these people think this country owes them a living we don't owe them shit.It's not our fault they have a fucked up country they need to do what we did 200 years ago with our friends across the pond,kick their ass and take back their country,which is what we need to do in this case take back our country and get rid of the fuckin' mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans are nonproductive,lazy,and disrepectful; they are also racist.They only speak spanish,never english and how rude is that? They pretend to not understand english(when they really do) just to get away from non spanish speaking people. after all it is the true meaning of "Viva la raza" is it not?