Sep 14, 2007

Check Out This Handsome Dog!

Pictured on your left is Attica, a one-year-old mixed-breed dog we are fostering. He was named this by volunteers at Planned Pethood because he was picked up from the Fulton County dog warden on the anniversary of the Attica prison riots, but if you adopted him you could call him anything you wanted.

Attica is a bit shy at first, but he warms within a few hours. This 16-pound handsome pooch gets along well with children as well as other dogs, and we are working on housebreaking him. He is a sweet boy who just needs a place to call home, and he will be at the Dog Adoptathon at the PetSmart in Spring Meadows this weekend.

For more information on adopting rescue dogs, see the Planned Pethood website.


Mad Jack said...

He looks much larger than 16 pounds. Maybe next time you could put the dog next to something for a good size comparison. A fire hydrant or mailman would work...

I've been after Main Lady to get another dog as a companion to her regular dog, a 50 pound County Road Terrier.

historymike said...

Good idea for the future, Mad Jack.

The good news is that Attica was adopted today by a nice couple.

Tina Kubala said...

Congrats to Attica on the forever home. Bless you for fostering. If it was just me, I'd think about it, but my husband couldn't give up an animal he's loved.