Sep 13, 2007

Gas Contest Winners

Left: Speedway station at Secor and Laskey, Thursday May 24, 2007

This is an update on our contest on gas prices, which just finished its fourth month. Contestants were bidding for a $20 Speedway gas card that I will now award to the person closest to the highest pump price between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Second place will be a book of my choosing, based upon what I think the winner's interests are. I guarantee that this will not be a book on how to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, though.

So far the highest price I have seen for 87 octane is $3.46 which occurred in late May (I can't remember the date; sue me). Here are the winning contestants and their entries:

Michael D. (Toledo) - $3.59
Screaming Nutcase (Toledo) - $3.65

I will contact the winners via email to arrange for delivery of their winning bid. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone for playing!

1 comment:

microdot said...

No prize for us losers?
I believe I was the losingest of the losers in your contest.