Sep 23, 2007

Neo-Nazi Bill White Declares: "Lynch the Jena 6"

Bill White and unidentified NSM supporter before the 2005 North Toledo riotBill White and unidentified NSM supporter before the 2005 North Toledo riot

I usually resist the idea to post about neo-Nazi Bill White, with whom I have had the opportunity to study ad nauseum. Yet I was surprised to see that White had the reckless stupidity to call for white racists to lynch the Jena 6, a public declaration to promote violence.

The link to White's website may be temporarily down, as his ISP pulled the plug today after complaints from Roanoke activists. Still, even with the temporary web hosting issues, White and ANSWP have garnered a tremendous amount of free publicity with their call for the murder of the Jena 6 defendants. Here is the text of the call to violence, which first appeared 20 September 2007:
The American National Socialist Workers Party anxiously awaits the release of the Jena 6 niggers, responsbile for an unprovoked assault on a white high student, so the six can face true justice.

"If these niggers are released or acquitted, we will find out where they live and make sure that white activists and white citizens in Louisiana know it," ANSWP Commander Bill White stated today, "We'll mail directions to their homes to every white man in Louisiana if we have to in order to find someone willing to deliver justice."

The six niggers involved in the crime are currently being held pending trial on felony charges of assault.
White also repeatedly provided readers with names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the Jena 6 defendants and their relatives.

It would seem to me that White has broken a wide variety of federal and state laws in his call. One might argue that Virginia statute 18.2-408: incitement to riot would certainly apply, as would 18.2-485: conspiring to incite one race to insurrection against another race. The first is a Class 4 felony, while the second is a Class 5 felony.

White's exhortations of violence also seem to be in direct violation of Title 18875-c: Interstate communications, which reads as follows:
Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
Bill White has a long tradition of promoting violence and inciting his followers to commit acts of violence on his various websites. The fact that federal and state officials have never taken action against white has led many in the white nationalist movement to claim that White is really a federal informant.

While not prone to believing in conspiracies, I too wonder why White continues to flout the law seemingly without recourse. World Church of the Creator leader Matt Hale is serving a 40-year prison sentence for less egregious statements than has Bill White.

I trust that federal and state authorities will take the appropriate legal steps to either reign in Bill White, or prosecute him for his acts of virtual terrorism. While I am in general a proponent of free speech, I fail to see how the public call by a white racist to murder six young black men is "protected speech."

UPDATE: Google has blocked Bill White's Overthrow88 Blogspot site. It appears that White is inviolation of at least two of Blogger's Terms of Service:

HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

VIOLENT CONTENT: Users may not publish direct threats of violence against any person or group of people.
Many visitors to White's Overthrow blog now get the following message: "This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is open to authors only." I have been able to find some back doors to the blog, but it appears that Google and Blogger have been petitioned to sanction White for calling for the lynching of the Jena 6.


ollie said...

Of course, that is assuming that this clown got the correct address this time. :-)

Why do people give him so much free publicity?

Mad Jack said...

I trust that federal and state authorities will take the appropriate legal steps to either reign in Bill White, or prosecute him for his acts of virtual terrorism.

I wouldn't bet money on it. Consider other groups that advocate violence against another group - Islamic clerics, for instance. Nothing seems to happen to rein them in.

Of course, this particular hate monger isn't a member of any minority class, nor does he have a giant legal defense fund or a string of celebrities willing to champion his cause, so your trust in authority may not be misplaced.

Anonymous said...


historymike said...


Bill White has yet to reach a saturation point with national media. Local media in plecaes like Toledo, Roanoke, and Kalamazoo have learned his tricks and don't waste much space on him.

He also managed to get more attention because he started publicly harassing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who probably never heard of this Roanoke loon before the Jena 6 cases.

historymike said...

Mad Jack:

I also condemn other groups publicly advocating violence, although it becomes more difficult to control when the advocates are overseas.

historymike said...


I am not sure the Jena 6 should be freed. It is apparent that the white kid who was assaulted did not deserve a beating (even if he did use racial epithets), and the offenders should be held responsible. I disagree, though, with the charge of "attempted murder," which seems out of place given the fact that the victim was attending a school function some hours later. Assault, perhaps, or disorderly conduct, but not attempted murder.

-Sepp said...

mad jack has a point since there are a crapload of groups out there that attempt to incite people to do things to others. Supposedly, White posted the addresses and phone numbers because it's a tactic that has been used on him plenty of times with nobody prosecuted for it.

historymike said...


Agreed that other groups get away with virtual terrorism, but White happens to have made what I believe is a huge error.

As far as White and the publication of home addresses, my experience has been that White uses this tactic far more than his "enemies" use it on him. He has access to skip-trace services and regularly posts every bit of information he can find on those he despises.

I have personally experienced this form of cyber terrorism after I wrote about Bill White lying in Toledo Municipal Court about a defamatory article he wrote. Not only did he publish my home information, he published a series of defamatory articles accusing me of stalking, downloading porn at work, and sexually harassing my students.

At the same time, a complaint surfaced at one of my employers making the same absurd claims. I had to meet with the police and offer up my laptop to clear my name. Did Bill White make the bogus complaint, using the name "Peter Goodman," or was it one of his flunkies?

You make the call, but this piece of human excrement will stop at nothing to harass those his delusional mind believes are his "enemies."

Lisa Renee said...

Well, he's made CNN...

historymike said...


Yes, this is one of his biggest media coups. With the AP story he's hit something like 1,000 media outlets with his call to lynch the Jena 6.

White, though, will soon learn that the only way he can keep getting the ink is by out-shocking his previous best. The national media and groups like the NAACP will figure his game out quickly enough, and understand that it is best just to ignore the clown. Call this a lesson in diminishing media returns for Bill White.

Unless, of course, he actually carries out his threats. In that unfortunate case it would be coverage of criminal acts that would get White more coverage.

Let's hope the loony fool stays on the good side of the line between threats and violence.

Mr. Schwartz said...

The FBI is totally inept in cybercrimes. The FBI will only make an arrest if they are 100 percent sure a crime has been committed. Since they are probably only 99 percent sure, nothing is going to happen in this case I'm afraid.

Lisa Renee said...

Mike, his blog is still live, I just visited and it's the same as it was the other day.

Must have been something temporary.

Anonymous said...

Be very sure if any such thing happen to the Jena6 we will find all party's involved. you want a race war we are happy to oblidge this shit will not happen in 2007...... We are ready for your racist asses Fyah Bun

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this guy is the dirtiest type of shit to ever walk this earth. i get nauseas just readinf about him.