Sep 14, 2007

On Grey Skies, Melancholia, and Life Cycles

The dark grey clouds that rolled into Northwest Ohio this afternoon matched my melancholic state of mind today. I'm not quite depressed, nor am I particularly anxious, but rather in something of a creative funk.

I have stayed busy today, catching up on a few errands and some reading, but the writing muse never arrived. I have days when cranking out even a paragraph of the most perfunctory prose is a chore, and I have learned not to stress much when the words are few in number.

Better to move on to other activities.

And, really, how could we appreciate those days when everything runs smoothly - or when our ability to solve problems and express our creativity is at its peak - if there were not grey days? It is when we view ourselves as most vulnerable and incompetent that we recognize our inner talents.

Just as the grey clouds will give way to sun later this weekend, my melancholia will soon dissolve and be replaced with creative vitality.

But I still have nothing else to say...


historymike said...

Thanks, O Spamming One, for brighetning my day with your shameless virtual pimpery.

historymike said...

On second thought, it's better to delete spam to keep the spam bots from returning.

mud_rake said...

Even as a child, I hated Spam.

Melancholia is the plague of great artists, poets, authors, and statesmen.


Mad Jack said...

Zoloft? You bonehead! Whiskey, maybe a little pot if you've a mind, and some quality time with the ball and chain.

historymike said...

Mud rake:

Nice spam!

Also, I am in good company, though I have yet to prove I belong with the exalted. Talk to me after I publish my first book.

historymike said...

Mad Jack:

I'll pass on the intoxicants. I went on an ethanol hiatus (self-imposed, no DUIs or other insanity) about six years ago, and I find life better without inebriation and the resultant hangovers.

For me it was a situation where alcohol was no longer a social accompaniement, but rather a substance to induce sleep.

I also seem to be more productive without the hooch, and my overall mood is improved.

Still, I occasionally miss a nice cabernet sauvignon with a medium rare filet mignon. That is a taste combination with few equals.