Sep 27, 2007

On Losing Weight and Living Healthier

I am about ten days into my effort to lose weight per my doctor's admonishments over my girth and high triglyceride levels. I have dropped from a high of 236 pounds last year to 228 pounds last Monday, and this morning I had cut an additional five pounds to wind up at 223.

In a moment of dense-mindedness, I was puzzled why the scale read "223.2", but every time I went to take a picture for the blog, it said "224.0." Then it dawned on me that my Kodak P850 carries with it some weight. Duh.

Five pounds in ten days is the best I have ever accomplished in my numerous attempts to lose weight, and I am excited to start this health change off with significant results. It would be depressing to stick to a 1600 calorie per day diet and wind up with, say, one pound in weight loss.

I am eating a lot of fruit, and augmenting this with protein bars, granola cereal, salad, and vegetables. I have had a few moments when I thought I would cave in and order a pizza, but so far have resisted the urge to gorge myself. I have also yet to turn to weight-loss supplements, such as Miracle burn, in my quest to lose weight.

In adition, I found that the Weight Watchers trick of eating slowly works well for me. Yesterday I splurged and ate a 190-calorie container of microwave ravioli, and spent almost 25 minutes eating it, savoring every mini-ravioli for a minute or two.

After more than a week of eating foods almost devoid of fat, Chef Boyardee tasted like the finest Italian cuisine I can remember.

Finally, I have been making sure that I am exercising every day. While the Olympic triathlon competitors in Beijing will have no fears, my efforts to incorporate more walking, weight-lifting, and exercises such as pushups have begun to pay off dividends.

These lessons I am learning are probably self-evident to most of you reading this, and I understand that writing about one's weight loss is itself an exercise, albeit one of vanity. Yet I hope that documenting my own small battle with accumulated lipids will be of some inspiration to others who need to lose weight. And - to those readers considering weight loss themselves - I would also be interested in a friendly competition with another blogger or group of bloggers, as I have read that it is helpful to be a part of a weight loss community.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mike. That's impressive. But I think I gained your pounts over that same time period...

Anonymous said...

God love you Mike. Keep up the good work.

microdot said...

Mike, I know it's impossible, but come over here and carry these damn grapes, I guarantee you will be able to eat anything you want!

JQ said...

Good Job! Stay strong.

Mad Jack said...

Congrats, Mike! And now, in a fit of envy, I'm off to the gym tonight.

Mr. Schwartz said...


Get a bicycle, best way to lose weight if you are dedicated to riding it 3 to 4 times a week. Or any cardio activity that you can be dedicated to.

Good luck.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I'm on the diary/spreadsheet method and half way towards my goal.

The hardest part, resisting taking a break, just for a day or two.

Consistency, I've found, is the secret ;-)

(No matter how tedious and boring...)

historymike said...

Thanks to everyone for "weighing" in.


But seriously: one of the best forms of encouragement is feedback, and it does my heart good to hear from y'all.