Sep 28, 2007

On Weird Dreams and Episodic Memory

The other night I woke from a dream repeating an unknown address, and I mananged to recall this address when I went down to my computer in the morning. I Googled the address, and it turned out to be the residence of the principal and music teacher of a parochial school I attended from 1976-78.

This man died some years ago, but his widow still lives in the same home.

I am open to interpretations on what the dream means, but what most intrigued me was that this completely obscure fact figured prominently in my dream. Much of the plot of the dream has faded, but it did involve this old school of mine. Yet it is not as though I had more than a passing acquaintance with the address of the late principal, and my fuzzy memory tells me it was printed on a church bulletin (he was also the organist, choir director, and an elder in the church affiliated with the school).

This incident shares some similarities with a recent post in which the subject of episodic memory was the focus. The human brain - a biological computer the schematics of which have yet to be mapped - remains in large measure a mystery to those who possess one, and the reasons why some seemingly irrelevant pieces of data remain forever lodged in our heads.


Anonymous said...

Was your experience at this school a generally positive one?

Barb said...

Wow! I'd think it was from the Lord --reminding you to go see the widow --maybe for her good -or your spiritual edification.

I think that's neat and that it's not merely scientific --but spiritual.

My husband had a stock tip in a dream --"sell within 5 weeks" and he ignored it --and that stock tanked --we didn't lose everything in it but we would've done very well indeed if we had gotten out earlier.