Sep 7, 2007

Parents of Madeleine McCann Now Suspects in Child's Disappearance

Kate McCann reporting to a Portuguese police station; photo courtesy AP

The Associated Press is reporting that Portuguese police today are expected to name as suspects the parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann. Portuguese police claim that blood from the missing girl was found in a vehicle the McCann family rented 25 days after the disappearance of the 4-year-old girl.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from an Algarve apartment May 3 where she was sleeping with her 2-year-old twin siblings. The parents of Madeleine, Gerry and Kate McCann, claim they were at dinner at the time at a nearby restaurant, but were repeatedly checking on the children during the meal.

There was always something strange about this case that nagged at my subconscious and - while the McCanns are certainly entitled to due process and should be assumed to be innocent until proven guilty - it seemed as though the couple spent quite a bit of time in front of the cameras.

True, parents whose daughter turned up missing would want to issue pleas for help, but it just seems like the McCanns have become jet-setting celebrities in the months since Madeleine's disappearance. I think that not a week has gone by without the faces of Kate and Gerry McCann on camera with their fundraising for the reward fund or issuing statements about their staunch belief that Madeleine is still alive.

As a parent, part of me hopes that the McCanns are being railroaded, because it is disturbing to think that parents would kill their own children. Yet, if the McCanns are indeed involved in the killing of Madeleine, I hope that the wheels of justice grind harshly.


Anonymous said...

And to think these idiots prayed with the Pope for Madeleine's safe return. SICK!!!!!!

sharon h said...

Pray for Madeleine's soul.

Barb said...

further proof of mankind's sinful nature

Good and evil are at war --and evil wins too often.

I trust that little girl went straight to Heaven for her innocense. As JEsus said the children belong to him "for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When a child is thought to be abducted, the parents are advised to get on TV in the hope that human faces and emotions will prompt the culprits to release the child. Also, in a case where the possiblities for the child's location are international, it's important to get the message out wherever possible, as often as possible. Are we to think Beth Holloway killed Natalee because she was on TV so relentlessly when her daughter disappeared?

After the Ramsey case, don't we all know how easily people are convicted in the media even when they're innocent?

Former FBI profiler Cliff Van Zant said on TV last night that he has little regard for the police officials conducting this investigation. And, after what he's seeing now of their actions, he thinks even less of them.

historymike said...

Anonymous #1:

Yes, the meeting of the Pope by the McCanns was one of those moments where I was was scratching my head. How many parents with missing kids get a meeting with the Pontiff?


historymike said...

Sharon h:

Yes, we should all say a prayer for this poor kid and her family. Very sad.

historymike said...


Not sure I agree that this case has Biblical implications. If we accept Genesis as having some historical accuracy, murder has been with humanity since Cain and Abel.

While tragic, the Madeleine McCann case seems profound because we are bombarded with it in the media (this blog is equally guilty of adding in a small way to the media frenzy).

We'll have to see what shakes out with the parental interviews. If the Portuguese police are calling Kate McCann a suspect as a formality, you'd think they would have held a press conference. The fact that they are keeping their cards close to their collective vests has me curious.

historymike said...

Anonymous #2:

You are right - we do not know Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, or Madeleine McCann beyond what the television has shown us.

However, how do YOU know her? Or are you speculating about Kate McCann like the rest of us?

historymike said...

Anonymous #3:

1. Natalee Holloway's mother was on TV far less than Kate McCann, at least from what I recall. However, given the fact that she was 1,500 miles away at the time of Natalee's disappearance, there was never suspicion about her.

2. You seem to have your mind made up about the Ramseys. I, to this day, still do not know what to believe about Patsy and John Ramsey.

3. Does Cliff Van Zandt actually do anything beyond showing up on FOX and MSNBC and pitch his books?

4. I do not know what the "protocol" is on missing children. I suspect that the experts are divided about the "correct" way to safely return an abducted child. I'll have to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Beth Holloway was on TV far more than I've seen Madeleine's mom. Greta on Fox News made her a regular on her program and morning shows on all the networks ran interviews with her many times. She was also on MSNBC and CNN over and over. She was on Larry King's show multiple times, as was her then-current husband and her ex-husband (Natalee's dad). The last I heard, Beth was dating John Ramsey.

In the Ramsey case, there was male DNA mixed with JonBenet's blood on her thigh. There was also male DNA on her panties and under her fingernails. There was no evidence whatsoever connecting the parents to the crime. They just had the misfortune of being in the house when she was killed, of being the first place cops looked when seeking the killer, and of being rich enough to be the perfect fodder for the tabloids.

There is the unmatched Hi Tec boot print found on the floor by JonBenet's body, the lack of a source (roll) for the tape used to cover her mouth, the male DNA has not been matched to anyone, and there were doors and windows left unlocked at the house that night despite early reports that the house was secured. Early media reports help perpetuate the myth of Ramsey guilt.

We were told intruders never enter a home occupied by the family and assault or abduct a child there, but there have been numerous reports of exactly that sort of crime -- and one of them was near JonBenet's home shortly after her murder. A mother interrupted an intruder who had entered her 14-year-old daughter's second-story bedroom and scared him away. The daughter attended the same dance studio that JonBenet used -- a place that offered open seating to anyone who wished to wander in off the street to watch the children dance.

John and Patsy Ramsey had no history of violence, nor was there any abuse reported involving Burk in the years following the murder. In fact, evidence indicates the Ramseys were doting parents.

Legendary investigator Lou Smit says the parents were not involved in the crime. The current prosecutor in Boulder agrees, as did a judge who heard a case brought against the Ramseys in a civil suit. And in the criminal case, the grand jury did not indict after hearing days of testimony.

What would you want Van Zant to do with his time now that he has retired from the FBI? Not make a living? He is called on for his expertise. Former FBI profiler John Douglas also says the Ramseys did not do it.

historymike said...

Well, Anonymous, it looks as though you have your mind made up on the Ramseys and the McCanns.

Hope that works out well for you.

Me? I remain skeptical, both of the parents AND the media (except for Beth Holloway, who you seem to resent).

Anonymous said...


Apparently I'm doing a poor job of expressing myself.

I do not resent Beth Holloway at all. If I communicated that, I certainly didn't mean to. I feel great sympathy for her and I think she did the right thing by keeping the story front and center, to focus attention on solving her daughter's disappearance.

I also have not made up my mind about Madeleine's parents; haven't even attempted to do so, nor will I because I have not followed details of the case except in the most superficial of ways. My point was only that we (and I mean everyone, not you specifically) must be careful not to "convict" them based on news reports, and that there are some experts on violent crime cautioning likewise. My further point was that the media have a way of presenting some stories in a way that causes many to assume guilt on the part of parents who are guilty of nothing more than losing their beloved children, which is what prompted me to mention the Ramseys.

You're right, I have made up my mind regarding the Ramseys, but my view is not based on a few tabloid stories. It is based on having done a great deal of research into the case and having had a role, albeit a small one, in the investigation. My mind could be changed if evidence pointing to Ramsey guilt were to surface, but so far that hasn't happened. Rather, many aspects of the Ramsey case serve to exonerate the parents. But from a public perception standpoint, and via misinformation that made its way into the public arena, considerable damage was done to the public's ability to keep an open mind about them. I find that both sad and deplorable.

Please understand that I did not intend to argue with you; only to add to the viewpoints offered here. My approach to you has always been, and will always be, one of deep respect and admiration. If I indicated otherwise, I apologize. It is certainly not a reflection of what is in my heart.

Barb said...

Yes, you are right, Mike, that Cain killed Abel --the first murder. After the sin of the parents.

So, it is a sin problem right from the start.

Mad Jack said...

After the Ramsey case, don't we all know how easily people are convicted in the media even when they're innocent?

Which was in 1996. Return to 1983 and the McMartin Daycare case. Preschool aged children told stories so preposterous that it would be hard to believe that any rational adult would give these tall tales the slightest bit of credibility at all, yet law enforcement officers sucked it up and begged for more. The kids obliged and the parents cheered them on. The news media watched as ratings went through the roof.

When the Ransey parents called their attorney before they called the police, they were using good common sense. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the police knows that the very first words out of your mouth are, "I want my lawyer." Just keep repeating that litany until your attorney shows up. Of course, the media would have us all believe that if you're innocent and you have nothing to hide, you don't need a lawyer. In fact, only guilty criminals ask for a lawyer when they talk to police – or so says the media.

Personally, I think that the cops are being pressured to find the guilty party, so they're grasping at straws. Given any opportunity at all, they'll railroad someone into the noose over this one.

Maggie Thurber said...

Doesn't anyone have a problem with the fact that these parent left two-year-old children alone in a house and went to another location for dinner? I don't care how often you're 'repeatedly checking on the children'...I think this is just wrong.

But I keep them all in my prayers...

deb said...

There is something very extra ordinary about the Maccans. How on earth they could leave such young children unsupervised? Now if they did not do so, Madeliene would still be there where she belongs, with her parents. How then Maccans claim to have no role in her disappearance? They have failed in their duty to protect her. For them partying was much more important. If Madeliene has been snatched by someone, then that act has been made possible by Maccans themselves by their own acts of negligence.

Anonymous said...

I do not know the McCann family, but wonder about their financial condition I know there are many couples out there in the world who would like to have a daughter like Madeleine. I have just finished reading a book about a Mother who need money, and SOLD her daughter. (Of course this was Fiction and supposedly took place in London in 1774. I pray for the child, and the parents.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Portugal and obviuosly I saw this episode more closely.
I think this story has been twisted right from the begining.
The McCann, must have connection in high places to have so many important people quitting high placed jobs to do it.
They contacted VIP's in the UK before contacting the police...
A neighbour asked Kate if she wanted her to call the police and se said she had already done that, but she only contacted the police about half an hour later.
There are many contradictions in the stories told to the police and everytime the are questioned, something else changes in the story.
And so on...
I don't believe Maddie is alive, because if someone did take her with the intention of selling her or so, then with all this mediatism, the person can't deliver the girl, so they had to dispose of the girl. I know this seems cruel, but this is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

(First time commenter ever)Sorry......
I feel sick that this has happened to that poor little girl and want to help, but i don't want to paypal money to the McCann's. If that were my daughter i would be walking the streets searching every forest, everybodys house. If someone didn't let me in i would list them as a suspect and ask the police to search them. I would ACTUALLY leave no stone unturned!!! Not just say it on a webpage asking for money, and i don't care about the McCann's social life blog. I want to know why. There is a babysitting service at the resort, Why wasn't it used? Was the door to the room locked? If it was, someone must have seen the person break in. Or the person was a staff member with a key. If the door wasn't locked, then the nasty that took her must have known before hand that the door would be unlocked, because someone would have seen him/her trying numerous doors? Finally if i was going to randomly break into somewhere i wouldn't take a child. You would think they broke in for money or valubles and took the child as an after thought. I feel someone knows more than they are letting on. To have so many odds in favour of the criminal are just too high.
*Some-one wants to steal a child.
*McCanns leave children unattended for the first time.
*The Crim happens to be in the area at the time kids are unattended.
*No people around.(no-one saw anything)
*Door unlocked?
*Child pre-druged

I Don't know if the McCanns ment to have a part in Maddie's disappearance but i feel they played an important role. With so many odds in the Crim's favour i think that i could have committed the crime. (Just to verify..I'm a married mother in Australia.
Wouldn't do it, but you know what im mean.) But truth be told i just want that little girl found, safe and sound. My daughter is my world and i would move heaven and earth for her. I wouldn't be jetsetting across the globe. Thats my opinion. I feel better getting it off my chest.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but i feel that both parents had something to do with it. What good parents leave there children alone at the ages of 4 and 2. Thats just not a good parent in my book. I think that them going out to dinner was just a cover up. So they could cover up what they did to her. They need to come forward and let the little girl be laid to peace

Anonymous said...

Here's my take on the cases mentioned above (I am an arm-chair researcher who has worked with award-winning investigative journalists on some of the biggest murder cases):

Ramseys: GUILTY. John Ramsey's company had kiddie porn on their computers. Ramsey is well connected, probably a high-ranking Mason, and pulling those strings not only bought them time but got the case transferred. Autopsy proved LONG-STANDING sexual abuse (scars) of JonBenet, NOT a one-time occurrence.

McCanns: GUILTY. Too much weirdness: leaving their kids alone at night, father had an affair with Portugese tennis instrutor, 3 year old Madeline called out for "Daddy" for two or three hours rather than her mother, but mostly BODY LANGUAGE. Body language speaks volumes more than words. Watch the videoed interviews. These people are LIARS.

Holloway: Beth, Nat's mother, is a very annoying ("ya know, Greta?!") wannabe and fame-seeker (she refused to share one penny of contributed funds to search for her daughter with Nat's dad -- he and his wife spent tons of money out of pocket; in fact, while she was shopping, wining, dining, and cavorting around Aruba he and his wife were digging in the landfill!). She also spent donation money on a new vehicle and a facelift! Finally, she told many, many LIES about the nature of her relationship with Nat, the argument they had before Nat left (please see the very first "call me, let's talk" posters she distributed around the island when Nat first went missing) and lots more. She is a classless, despicable person. However, of course she had nothing to do with Nat's disappearance.


Lol said...

i've heard some people telling me that the parents killed their daughter. then they asked people to give donation to their foundation. well, i hope it's not like that but that's what people have been telling me.