Sep 29, 2007

Quirky Website of the Week:

The Quirky Website of the Week is a regular feature on this site. Feel free to recommend other quirky websites in the Comments section.

This week's site was suggested by LTLOP, and describes itself as "a hard-core mullet page... designed for the above-average mullet enthusiast." Visitors will find examples of femullets (women with mullets), mullatinos (Hispanics with mullets), and even Crystal Methullets (meth-heads with mullets, no drug rehab jokes, please). Best of all are the skullets, which are "forced mullets" grown by balding men.

The site even offers mullet hunting tips for those who wish to photograph mullet-wearers in the wild. Here is the recommended technique known as the "Bait" method:
You have a friend stand next to the mullet and pretend like youre taking a picture of you're friend (the bait). This works well because you can get a nice close up of the mullet. You might get a few strange looks from the prey...but whatever, that's part of the fun of hunting.

RESULT:Decent pics with minimal risk of physical harm.
Be sure to visit today and celebrate the virtues of the mullet.

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