Sep 21, 2007

Quirky Website of the Week:

I like the concept of regular features on a blog, which is probably indicative of the journalist that lurks within me. Thus, I am proud to announce the creation of yet another reason to return to this site (or an excuse to stay the hell away): Quirky Website of the Week.

This week's site is entitled, which features photographs of discarded, transitional, and rotting mattresses in a wide variety of outdoor settings. To date, over 2000 mattress photos have been submitted, representing 42 U.S. states and 60 world countries.

Ohio is currently sixth on the list of discarded mattresses, racking up 206 submissions, none of which appear to have been taken by future vistors to drug rehab centers. Thus, it is a matter of both civic and virtual pride that I implore all Ohioans to start documenting rotting mattresses statewide, and catapult the Buckeye State to the top of the mattress heap.


ltlop said...

Ohh Ohh I got some for next time.

(not teh pron)

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Looking to Quit said...

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