Sep 8, 2007

What the Hell is Wrong With Michigan Football? Oregon 39, Michigan 7

Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon looks downfield during the first half; photo courtesy of AP

(Ann Arbor, MI) Exactly one week after Michigan Wolverines got beaten by 1-AA Appalachian State, the mighty Maize and Blue were humiliated by the Oregon Ducks 39-7. I am stunned as I write these words, given the fact that I was hoping the Michigan team would make up for last week's embarassment.

This was the team's worst loss in 39 years, at least in terms of points, and the 2007 season seems headed for the toilet. Oregon completely dominated Michigan in every aspect of the game, and Blue fans cannot even console themselves with visions of a Mike Hart Heisman trophy, as the running back failed to reach the end zone against the Ducks.

Well, Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko looked pretty good, averaging over 46 yards per punt. Whoopee!

Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon showed that Michigan simply cannot contain a mobile play caller, as he tallied three touchdowns through the air and another on the ground. The Ducks rolled up a total of 630 net yards on the Wolverines, and seemed to be able to score at will against a porous Michigan defense.

At this point it seems like a complete implosion by the Michigan Wolverines, who were expected to bounce back after last week's ignoble loss to the Mountaineers. Instead, Michigan played infinitely worse than last week's effort, and it appears that we might be witnessing the collapse of one of the most storied football programs in college football.

As a Michigan fan, it pains me to watch my team show such a lack of effort, poor coaching, and an appalling sense of teamwork. While I would not encourage dumping head coach Lloyd Carr and his assistants in midseason with termination letters in their mailboxes, I think a complete overhaul is necessary for 2008 to save the program, and the University of Michigan had better be thinking about snagging someone outside the program to fix it.


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MP said...

Is it fair to call this one of the most stunning program collapses in college football history?

I think so.

ollie said...

Well, at least they play Notre Dame this coming Saturday; that is as sure of a win as it gets. :-)

Historychic said...

I wonder the same thing about Notre Dame.

Timothy said...

Crap! OSU might need to find another big rival that is on par with them.