Oct 9, 2007

After the Passing of a Heat Wave

Northwest Ohio, like much of the Midwest, experienced an unseasonably warm and muggy spell over the past week, and temperatures rose to 90 degrees yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling almost wilted sitting in my hot car, and I began to think that there would be no end to what has been a hot summer. I was so uncomfortable on Friday that I shaved off my beard, vowing not to grow it back until I am certain the hot weather has disappeared.

This morning, though, a front of cooler air passed through the area, and temperatures will continue to drop over the next 24 hours. It was refreshing to step outside and feel temperatures in the mid-50s, and to no longer feel your shirt sticking to you with the slightest exertion.

And even though I have reasons to be grouchy, I can't help but feel reinvigorated by the cool breezes that arrived today. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I feel safe in declaring that it has finally arrived.


microdot said...

I got an email from a friend in NYC who was deleriously raving about the 90 degrees temps.....
Hard for me to imagine as we have been using the fireplace and intermittantly, the radiators for the last month!

-Sepp said...

After the last few days, I'm ready for the heat to return! Screw winter!