Oct 12, 2007

On the Futility of Declaring a War on Leaves

I have a number of neighbors whose efforts to handle the annual falling of leaves can best be described as "combative." Pictured is the temporary fence one of my nmilitant eighbors erects each year in her hopes of providing a security barrier against dreaded leaf blow-back.

I have other gladiatorial anti-leaf neighbors who run their riding mowers with the leaf vacuum attachment every other day from the end of September through the beginning of December, staying on near-constant patrol against the invading leaf menace.

I, however, see little use in such extreme measures against a biological foe that will always win. I prefer to run the lawnmower two or three times in the fall, grinding the leaves up as mulch for the lawn. Come mid-November, when all the leaves have fallen and the city's leaf trucks are expected, I rake the rest up into a few curbside piles. Any leftovers sit until spring.

Voila! I expend much less effort, provide my lawn and garden with extra nutrients, and have more time available for the truly important things in life, such as spending an hour online researching the best radar detector or feeding my fantasy football addiction by scouring the waiver wire for a running back.

Yes, the leaves will fall on your lawn, clog your gutters, and drift away from even the most complicated anti-leaf barriers. Better to sit back and enjoy the colors of fall, and rake the leaves in a few weeks.

Besides - you could be the beneficiary of one of those gale-force winds that scours all of your loose leaves and deposits them on your neighbor's well-manicured lawn.


Mad Jack said...

In the bad old days we never did anything about the leaves. For one thing, we didn't have the time. For another, most of the leaves used to just blow out of our yard and into the forest next door.

These days I live in an apartment complex, and so can complain to the apartment management about the leaf situation. I do this when I'm bored.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I am fortunate to live on the West side of the street and am surrounded by fenced properties on the West, to the North and South also; leaves (except for a scant few) are other people's problem ;-)

(And I wouldn't have it any other way...)

Tina Kubala said...

I think the bed of leaves in fall is pretty. The sound it makes when you walk on it is wonderful. No rake for me, thanks.