Oct 2, 2007

Senate Democrats: Forget Limbaugh, Get Back to Work

Rush Limbaugh, he of the 'phony soldiers' fameI suppose I should not be surprised about the flood of condemnations by Senate Democrats about the remarks attributed to radio host Rush Limbaugh and the so-called "phony soldiers" who are against the Iraq War. After all, jumping in on the feeding frenzy when a political opponent commits a verbal mistake is like smacking a Trevor Hoffman hanging curve into the upper deck.

Yet I still expect that these politicians tackle the dificult issues that this country faces, like the Iraq debacle, health care, and the looming Social Security crisis. Instead, we get the likes of Harry Reid writing letters to Clear Channel, Senator Carl Levin reading the transcript of the Limbaugh program on the floor of the Senate, and Senator Tom Harkin delivering impassioned speeches to a largely empty Senate chamber about how Limbaugh says "provocative things to make more money."

Really, Senator Harkin? I sure am glad you took the time to explain this to me, what with me being an ignorant Midwestern rube and all that. I'll bet I could never have figured that one out, no-sir-ee, without Democratic politicians helping me to get to the bottom of this complex business of talk radio.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh spouts some patently outrageous rhetoric on his talk radio show, and there are times when I shake my head at his ignorance on those occasions when I tune in his program. Perhaps, too, his "phony soldiers" comment was an insult to the courageous men and women serving overseas, though I think his argument that the comment was taken out of context has some merit.

The fact remains that Senators Reid, Harkin, Clinton et al just provided Rush Limbaugh with a tremendous burst of publicity, and he and Clear Channel are laughing all the way to the bank. The ratings of the Rush Limbaugh Show are bound to spike due to this controversy, and Mr. Limbaugh's advertising executives are probably giving each other high-fives in the corridors of the EIB Building.

Senators: You have collectively been duped by a show business master who could be featured in Rio Las Vegas.

Now turn off the AM radio and get your pompous, sanctimonious arses back to work, which is ostensibly the reason why you were elected to the Senate in the first place. The best way to prove that Rush Limbaugh is indeed a big fat idiot (as described by Al Franken) is by demonstrating that your programs are the solutions to the country's problems.


Anonymous said...


The Screaming Nutcase said...

The best way to prove that Rush Limbaugh is indeed a big fat idiot (as described by Al Franken) is by demonstrtaing that your programs are the solution to the country's problems.

It's Congress, Mike, they're better at creating problems than solving them. :)

Mr. Schwartz said...

The Democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot. Now are starting to backpedal about the war.

When will they learn?

Tina Kubala said...

I've been a Rush fan since... way before I was legal to vote...

Since I've been of age to vote, I've been to busy to listen to anything on a day to day basis, what with working and all. Congress needs to get to work like the rest of us. They, of all people, shouldn't have the time to blow a comment up into a national crisis.

I agree with you that EIB folks are exchanging high fives. They are in the entertainment business and Rush doesn't hid that.

Left or Right politicians sometimes have a hard time with understanding what actually matters. Maybe that's because "politics" don't matter.

Anonymous said...

I used to occasionally listen to Limbaugh. Not because I agree with his political positions, but because I found his ability to communicate occasionally to be entertaining.

That all stopped when he mocked Michael J. Fox for his Parkinson's related tremors. I've not listened to him once since then.

He revealed a lot about his character that could not be attributed to his political leanings or his desire to supposedly "entertain and enlighten."

mud_rake said...

I've been a Rush fan since...

I might suggest that anyone who begins a paragraph with these 6 words ought to lose the privilege of speaking or typing.

I am reminded of the regurgitated food that a mother eagle feeds to her young.

Eventually, the chick learns how to feed on its own.

Maggie Thurber said...

I'm with you on the inappropriateness of Congress handling such an issue...but I also thought the same applied to the MoveOn.org ad as well...

It's one thing to take a personal stand on these two issues. It's another to take up the time of Congress on either of them.

Shame on them all...

Barb said...

Well, maggie --not if the newspaper gave a discount to Move on.org as i heard --that means the paper contributed to a campaign --and I don't know if that's illegal --but that was my inference from what i heard.

I haven't followed that very much, I admit. Always glad to stand corrected with facts.