Nov 30, 2007

Clinton Campaign Hostage Suspect: Troy Alan Stanley or Leeland Eisenberg?

SWAT team members outside Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester, N.H., where a man named Troy ALan Stanley has taken hostages and claims to be strapped with a bombLeft: AP photo of SWAT team members outside Hillary Clinton's campaign office in Rochester, N.H., where a man named Troy Alan Stanley took as many as five hostages and claimed to be strapped with a bomb

The network news and the blogosphere are abuzz with the story out of Rochester, New Hampshire, in which a mentally ill man named Troy Alan Stanley took as many as five people hostage in the New Hampshire campaign office of Hilary Clinton.

The 44-year-old Stanley apparently has suffered a number of personal crises in recent months, including a divorce and the death of a close friend, who may have been a local real estate agent. Reports indicate that Stanley also has been living in the woods outside of downtown Rochester, and claims that the government has placed an electronic chip in his head.

Stanley apparently walked into the campaign office and announced that he was taking hostages, displaying what he claimed was a bomb duct-taped to his torso. A man identified as Troy Stanley, Jr., the suspect's son, said that his father only has road flares taped to his body, and Stanley reportedly told his son to "watch the news today".

Police waiting in Rochester, NH after a man named Troy Alan Stanley wearing what he claimed to be a bomb walked into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office Friday and initially took at least five hostagesLeft: AP photo of police waiting in Rochester, NH on hostage suspect Troy Alan Stanley

The only demand Stanley has reportedly given so far is a request to speak with Senator Clinton. Reports indicate that at least three hostages have been released, one of whom was described as young child.

MSNBC, however, is reporting that the suspect is actually 46-year-old Leland Eisenberg and not Troy Stanley. It is not known if Leland Eisenberg is an alias of Troy Stanley, or if this is an altogether different suspect. The Rochester, NH police blog lists a Leeland Eisenberg, age 46, of Somersworth as being charged with two counts of stalking on 6 April 2007.

A man named Arnold Bennett, who claimed to be a longtime friend of Stanley, told FOX News that the suspect espoused Libertarian philosophies and often discussed "crazy" political conspiracies. A family member told a FOX News reporter that"Stanley had been on a 72-hour drinking binge" before the hostage incident.

FOX News reported that Stanley's ex-wife told police that the suspect is a "diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic" who has been prescribed lithium, and who has not been taking his medication for some time now. Stanley was arrested on 6 November 2007 by Rochester police on a bench warrant for disorderly conduct. Stanley was also charged with criminal trespass and obstructing government administration on 14 August 2007.

This item also appeared in the Barrington, NH police log 7 July 2007:
Troy A. Stanley, 44, of 201 Sofield Apartments, Rochester was charged with suspended registration and driving after revocation or suspension at 12:56 p.m. on July 27. He will appear Sept. 14 in Rochester District Court.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. Another nutjob getting his five hours of wall-to-wall networjk coverage.

Jessica said...

This is the most interesting thing about this case: Troy Stanley? Leeland Eisenberg. I saw CNN and FoxNews both reporting the guy as Troy Stanley. If he is really a different person and not an alias, I really feel sorry for him.

Mad Jack said...

He's probably schizophrenic. As far as psychologists know, Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) allows the imbiber to temporarily experience the symptoms of schizophrenia, although I tend to think that the disease is much harder to cope with than the drug induced hallucinations.

This is a pretty sad case. I hope that the man gets treatment.

Rochester Resident said...

I live in Rochester, NH and was pretty shocked to see our city on national news. Let's be completely honest. Our law enforcement agency is far from logical. They were aware of the presense of flares from early in the standoff. While news agencies were reporting a history of mental illness, police should have taken notice. What are the chances of someone with a mental illness building a bomb and it actually working? Not very likely. And besides, if he really wanted to do something, NONE of the hostages would have gotten out, or been able to talk on their cell phones. This whole situation is completely and utterly unneeded. He got his 6 hours of fame. And Rochester only got theirs because Hilary Clinton was involved.

Anonymous said...

If he really has an implanted chip, HRC would be one of the last people to help him get it removed. Tell him to contact John Lear. My daughter's friend's father had one removed from his neck. But I've also heard of implanted micro-chips that sense attempts at access--causing the micro-chip to evasively transport itself elsewhere in the body...

Problem Child said...

Sorry, but the "alias" angle doesn't satisfy the name disparity at all, not one bit.

Think of it:

Two seperate, notorious local cranks, both "well-known" throughout the area, with the same basic history of public life, the same basic outlook.

Fox repeated several times (I have the whole bizarre chronology taped)that both "Troy Stanley AND Lee Eisenberg" were "WELL-KNOWN TO POLICE" in the area.

Ignoring for a moment the question as to why neither "Stanley's" son, nor his good neighbor Arnold Bennet (interviewed by phone, & again repeating how well-known Stanley was - as a philanthropist - (!), nor the neighbor's son, (Troy, Jr.'s pal), Cody Bennet, -- NONE of these CLOSE ASSOCIATES realized how easily the object of their concern, "Troy Stanley, Sr.") might be mistaken for Leeland Eisenberg...

{Because even IF the latter name WERE an ALIAS, surely the son & others were glued to the TV and would have RECOGNIZED the name of ANOTHER local "brain-chipped libertarian crank" as being identified with their friend, the INSTANT THE NEW NAME WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED, and then, based on their PRIOR AWARENESS of this second local crank "Leeland Eisenberg", well-known in the area, they surely would have CALLED INTO FOX TV -- just like they did the FIRST time, when they took it on themselves to make sure the news identified the hostage-taker as "Troy Alan Stanley (Sr.)" in the FIRST place-- but this time, it would be to clear up the obvious confusion Fox reporters were having, live, regarding the two different names.

Either that, or...

...if the latter name HAD turned out to indeed be nothing more than Troy's alias, then NECESSARILY, this OTHER name for the SAME guy, whose name as well as Troy's LIKENESS had appeared together in the local media before, would have tipped all Troy's loved ones off long ago that the two "notorious conspiracy theorists" were actually one and the same person.

But, had that been the case, Troy, Jr. or the Neighbor would've CALLED IN to let Fox know that these were really the SAME person.

Instead, Fox puzzled & puzzled for a couple of hours as to the disparity of names, ignoring this paradox with a simple "Eisenberg may have several aliases". (Now, in fact, they DON'T EVEN BOTHER ADDRESSING THIS GLARING DICHOTEMY AT ALL. That way, embarassing questions are left to die from starvation, as memory quickly fades...)

But even IF (by some miracle) neither Troy's son, nor his neighbor-friend Cody Bennet, nor the Cody's dad Arnold Bennet (Troy Sr's "close friend") had somehow failed to catch what most other viewers were hearing live... THE POLICE MOST CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE DONE SO.

Remember, from the very first introduction of the name "Leeland Eisenberg" to TV viewers, Fox reported that this name had ORIGINATED WITH THE POLICE:


The bizarre coincidence of these two seperate but very, VERY similar "notorious local cranks" would have been WELL KNOWN to the Police! (And both were repeatedly described by Fox as being "well known to the police" -- yet still no explanation as to whether it was one man or two that police knew so well.)

Obviously, therefore, this 'bizarre coincidence' would have been known to Police... EVEN BEFORE IT WAS KNOWN TO FOX!!

Troy, Jr.'s friend, Cody Bennet, who is the ONLY figure claiming to be involved to appear on camera with Brit Hume in a nervous, eyes-averting interview, in which the kid repeated exactly the same phrase Brit Hume had already used, not once, but twice before: "He was COMPLAINING of CONSPIRACY THEORIES". This seems an awkward phrase even when a reported uses it...

...but even more so when a high school kid chooses to compose a sentence this way:

'Hey, Doc - I got a problem with those pesky conspiracy theories tightening up the muscles in my neck. Maybe ultrasound can clear up these lousy, contagious conspiracy theories?'

So both Troy Stanley, Sr. AND Leeland Eisenberg were fed up with all these conspiracy theories floating around, and were bitching and moaning about "those damned conspiracy theories again!".

The zoned-out neighbor kid's "spontaneous, on the spot" interview, in which his shifting eyes and nervous speech patterns are very evident, sounds totally REHEARSED.

And there are many, many other weird inconsisencies, such as a woman with a baby, released by the hostage-taker, who then rushed into a nearby store to warn its occupants of the hostage-taking madman. Yet, since the Police were ALREADY present to negotiate her release, wouldn't they have already warned nearby stores, etc?
Sounds more like someone wanted to establish a "back story" by running around shouting "hostage taker" to third parties nearby, who could later be interviewed by Fox. And Fox reporters show extreme self-consciousness & defensiveness about this whole weird business by explaining themselves & justifying in ANTICIPATION of "those conspiracy theoriests" who want to know how come their cameras were so quickly on the scene? As well as those of ex-CIA Anderson Cooper and his CNN News Network? Why, it's because of the campaign. Hillary wasn't there, but they might happen to chance upon Obama or Edwards, if luck was in their favor. And of course, we mustn't forget the truly strange utterance of Brit Hume, video-recorded for eternity, when, after parroting the phrases: "Complaining of conspiracy theories; CLEARLY some kind of mentally-imbalanced, deranged individual", etc., several times, then said the following:

"He believed he had a chip in his brain. CLEARLY, A CONSPIRACY --" Then he stops himself in mid-sentence, in the most awkward manner I have ever seen. After a very mysterious pause, he mumbles something to close the sentence... something that makes no sentence in the context of the rest of the sentence.

I believe he'd rehearsed saying "He complains of conspiracy theories; Clearly a deranged man..." so many times that he almost SLIPPED UP & got the two ideas reversed, when he almost blurted out: "He thought he had a chip in his brain; CLEARLY a conspiracy kook."

This would have been over-the-top, and no doubt the little man in his earpiece told him to shut up. But the ABRUPT STOP & awkward pause, as he tries to think of something ELSE to say IN PLACE OF what he was GOING to say, is very revealing. It betrays the fact that Hume is CONSCIOUS of a deception going on.

It was another FOX KGB-TV psychological warfare stunt, to intimidate unscreened access to the already unresponsive minions of our increasingly rogue government.

Already, the only thing people remember about this whole kooky news story is that some kook who thought he had a brain-chip must have had several aliases. He's known to all, along with his many aliases, and his family has nothing further to say on the matter, and their existence as who Fox says they are can be independently verified. Nothing inconsistent here, just another kook. Next subject? Britanny Spears.

Of course, now, conveniently, anyone who says the government doesn't flow with milk & honey for all and demands UN-CENSORED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS of any of the political candidates (or other public officials) has got to be body slammed and tasered by the loving state. No more nagging questions into rigged black-box elections, the Air Force drills which took away our air response exactly on 911, the put options monitored by NSA days before 911 and the identities of their profiteers, Sibel Edmonds' gag order, Chertoff's dual citizenship and divided loyalty, the whole bizarre existence of Fatherland Security, the total absence of checks-and-balances in the Continuity of Gov't Program...

ALL these questions just magically go away, never to pester our force-wielding benefactors again.