Nov 11, 2007

Meet Sassy, a Loveable Dog

Meet Sassy, who is an 11-pound chihuahua and schnauzer mix, and she has fur that is a combination of wiry and soft textures. Sassy is 7 years old and has had the same owner all of her life. Her owner went away to college and the kid's parents decided they didn't want to care for a dog any longer, so they dropped her off at the Fulton County dog pound, where she was rescued by Planned Pethood.

Sassy is a sweet little dog. She's very friendly, not at all hyperactive, but still has plenty of energy and a lot of living to do. Sassy is fine with other dogs, with cats, with HDMI cables, and loves children too. She is quite numble, being able to dance on two legs for an impressive amount of time. Sassy is housebroken, and walks to the back door when she needs to go outside.

For more information on adopting Sassy, or any other wonderful rescue dogs, see the Planned Pethood website.


Mad Jack said...

What do you suppose the little dog's prior owner will say upon returning home and find the prized canine amongst the missing?

historymike said...


Or something along these lines...