Nov 13, 2007

On the Term 'Crucifixation'

I work part-time as both a writing tutor and freelance editor, and my work brings me into contact with a wide variety of writers who possess skill levels across the spectrum. While reviewing a document tday, I came across an inadvertent typographical error in a paper on forms of capital punishment that initially caused me to chuckle: "Crucifixation."

I then thought the typo might make an interesting pun, as in the following sentence: "Margaret's obsession with Christian-themed jewelry might best be described as 'crucifixation.'"

Ever the wordsleuth, I Googled "crucifixation," and was surprised to see that the term generated 20,000 hits. There are short stories, Web memes, and even a death metal song by the band Deicide entitled "Crucifixation." Here is the chorus, in case you were curious:
Crucifixation - Thee unholy denominations
Crucifixation - Holy termination
You will give praise to Satan
Impaled vibration, Crucifixation
Yawn. I didn't say the song had any merit, just that it featured this accidental word.

Anyways, I have now spent thirty minutes musing over a typographical error, and I suspect that this literary sojourn only served to put me further behind the proverbial eight-ball in my work.


Tim Higgins said...

It is these little side trips in life that often make the journey worthwhile. It is having someone else make them for you that makes it easier.

... thanks for the heavy lifting

mud_rake said...

Interesting stuff Mike; the reading of this was perhaps the highlight of my day.