Nov 9, 2007

Quirky Websites:

The Quirky Website of the Week is a regular feature on this site. Feel free to recommend other quirky websites in the Comments section.

If you are looking for a website that doubles as a virtual magic trick, be sure to visit Using the software, you can fool your friends and family by knowing the secret to the trick.

In the first dialogue box, type a period, then the answer to the question, then a period. Finish typing the phrase "Peter, please answer the following question:" including the colon.

Then type the question that your audience tells you to type, including the question mark.

Peter "magically" knows the answer to any question with the secret period-ANSWER-period code, which appears on the screen as if you are starting to type "Peter, please answer the following question:" When your audience members try to type, they will not know the period-ANSWER-period code, so they will not get Peter to perform.

Pun intended, I am afraid, but enjoy the site anyhow.

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