Nov 7, 2007

Water Reuse in the Everglades

A quick plug for an article by freelance writer Bill Frogameni in the Christian Science Monitor on water reuse in the Everglades. Bill was a frequent contributor in newspapers and magazines in Northwest Ohio for many years before relocating to the Sun Belt, where work is more plentiful and snow is an abstract concept. Bill was also the Reuters correspondent during the Father Gerald Robinson trial, churning out updates by the dozens during the bizarre court case.

Frogameni is perhaps best known for his stellar work for on the local drama sometimes known as Bladegate or Wenzlgate, in which a political writer for the local daily may have sat on the infamous Coingate Scandal until after the 2004 election. Some argue that - had this sordid tale of political corruption broken in 2004 - Ohio might have turned against the GOP, thus giving John Kerry sufficient electoral votes to win the White House.

Anyways, always inspiring to see local folks doing well.


MP said...

Also an SJ grad and former SJ teacher.

Titans, represent.

Anonymous said...

Bill is a talented writer and a great person.