Dec 24, 2007

Meet Lilliput, an Affenpinscher Who Needs a Good Home

Lilliput is a 15-pound, 4-year-old Affenpinscher mix, which is German for “monkey dog.” Her wiry black hair is easy to maintain and requires hardly any grooming. A bath and a brush is all she needs to keep that monkey hair tamed. Lilliput, by the way, is the country of the Lilliputians in Gulliver's Travels, but she responds to just about any name spoken in a warm tone.

Lilliput is cautious at first about meeting new people and she takes a while to warm up. Within a few minutes, though, she likes anyone who wants to pet her and talk sweetly to her. Lilliput will sit in your lap or snuggle on the couch with you, and she also rides well in a car. If you hold a treat over her head, Lilliput will dance on two legs across the room.

Lilliput was a stray and ran loose around a trailer park all summer long. When the weather turned especially cold, she made a nest under one of the trailers. Finally, a resident in the park decided Lilliput needed help and called Planned Pethood. Since she has been in a foster home, she has not demonstrated inappropriate chewing behavior, she is housebroken, and she knows a number of basic commands. Lilliput plays well with other dogs, big and small, but she will snip at other dogs when they invade her space. Lilliput would probably best thrive in a home with older children and calmer dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Lilliput, be aware that she will be quite shy and reserved for the first few days. However, our experience has been that Lilliput comes out of her shell once she learns the new routines of the house, and she is a sweet dog who is eager to please the people around her. Any abuse that Lilliput might have suffered does not seem to interfere with her ability to be a loving dog.

For more information on adopting Lilliput, or any other rescue dogs, see the Planned Pethood website. If you would like to see Lilliput in person, she will be at the Adoptathon at the PetSmart in Spring Meadows on Saturday, December 29, from 11 am to 2 pm.


Tracy said...

Hey Mike,

Do you still have that darling little Lilliput? Is she still needing a home? Is she housebroken and a good gal?

Tracy in Carmel, Ca.

historymike said...

Hi Tracy:

Sorry, Lilli was adopted a few weeks ago. Thanks for your interest, though!