Dec 9, 2007

Meet Scarlett, a Rescue Jindo

Scarlett, a 25-pound rescue Jindo in Toledo, Ohio who needs a good homePictured on your left is Scarlett, who is a beautiful 2-year-old Jindo rescued last week from the Fulton County dog pound. Scarlett is a good-tempered and highly intelligent dog who seems to bond very quickly with caregivers. She is housetrained and was crate trained in her previous foster home, and gets along well with the other dogs in our home.

Scarlett has a long, loping gait not unlike that of a wolf, and to watch her run is truly a moment of natural grace. She seems to crave affection, and already knows some basic commands. Though not a frequent barker, Scarlett has a deep voice and has a commanding bark when strangers come to the door.

A word about the Jindo breed: while these are not hyperactive dogs, they do require exercise and room to run. Jindos can be very affectionate, and love to cuddle, but they should be matched with owners who can ensure their need for physical activity.

Scarlett seems to bond first with men, and follows me around the house most of the day. As I write this post, she is laying next to me on my bed, content to pass the time with human company. In our first days together, I have not witnessed any negative behaviors with her, and she seems like the ideal dog for a family with older children (I have not seen her near young children yet).

For more information on adopting Scarlett, or any other rescue dogs, see the Planned Pethood website. If you would like to see Scarlett in person, she will be at the Adoptathon at the PetSmart in Spring Meadows on Saturday, December 15, from 11 am to 2 pm. You can also see a short video of this gorgeous dog by following this link.

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