Dec 11, 2007

An Open Letter to Karyn McConnell-Hancock, Toledo's Disgrace

Karyn McConnell-Hancock, the pregnant Toledo lawyer who fabricated her own kidnappingWhen I first learned of your disappearance last week, I was genuinely worried for you, and I offered up a prayer for your safe return. Given the recent high-profile missing person cases like those of Laci Peterson and Lisa Stebic, I feared that harm had come to someone with whom I had at least a passing familiarity.

Even as evidence mounted in the last few days that pointed in a different direction, a part of me remained hopeful that the puzzling inconsistencies in your story would be resolved. I refrained from posting about the case until I learned the details that were finally made public, and frankly - only a sadist would gloat over seeing the fall of a person of prominence and public esteem.

Yet I have to admit that the news today that you faked your own disappearance did not surprise me. Nor did disclosure of your debts to the Internal Revenue Service of $97,524 for unpaid income taxes in the years 2001, 2002, and 2003 come as a shock, and I cannot help but think that your financial woes are interwoven with what appears to be your mental instability.

By the way - I once owed the IRS over $24,000 from an old business I owned, so I know the fear and self-loathing that accompanies tax troubles. But instead of buying expensive cars and living a lavish lifestyle (nice move, I might add, keeping the Mercedes Benz and the condo in your husband's name, away from the claws of the feds), I invested in $700 clunkers, ate a lot of canned soup, and worked a ton of part-time jobs to pay down my tax debt. Yes, IRS liens suck, but so does jail time, which it appears you will be facing after your cowardly scheme.

Your decision to fabricate a scenario in which two white men and a black woman abducted you at gunpoint and drove around with you for days, however, brings shame on your family, your church, and community. How do you think all those good people feel who gathered at the prayer vigils dedicated to you? How embarassing must this be for your father, Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell, who publicly humiliated himself by standing by you?

And what about your husband, Bishop Lawrence Hancock, who made public pleas in the media and showed such gratitude when you were found safe on Saturday? Did you ever stop to think about the distress you caused him?

What about the members of the Final Harvest Church, which describes you as "First Lady" to your bishop husband? You have let down the faithful congregation of the church, who steadfastly prayed, supported, and vouched for your integrity.

But enough with the judgmental questions, Karyn. My advice to you is simple: get some help. Negotiate a reasonable repayment schedule with the IRS, live within your means, and seek psychological counseling for the demons with which you seem to be battling.

And first and foremost: take responsibility for your actions, Karyn McConnell-Hancock. People will be willing to forgive you with a sincere and public apology, but if you try to duck out like a weaselly politician from the mess that you created, your reputation will be forever destroyed.


Chad said...

Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, can't wait to see this idiot do the perp walk.

mud_rake said...

I have the feeling that Karyn may be the sole source of income in that family and that she cannot support the church and the family on her salary.

Clearly she has made stupid financial decisions, especially with the IRS. I would suggest that she receive financial counseling rather than mental health counseling.

Perhaps marriage counseling as well.

Robin said...

Mike, You have shown more compassion for this woman, than I'm willing to give. I hope that someone shows her your letter, and she takes your advise into serious consideration.

kooz said...

Funny how so many cast stones. What if this were your sister or mother? Would you guys lack compassion and wish to see them do the perp walk?

You have all made're just lucky enough they didn't make the news...

I suppose if all of our closets were cleaned...we would all have bring shame on ourselves and our families for things we've done.

Its a shame to see so many people get enjoyment out of this situatiaon.

Brian Maxson said...

You know something Kooz, I appreciate your candor, but I must tell you, those of us that have done stupid things like Karyn and have gotten caught HAVE paid our time, have done the "perp walk" and have had our names smeared in the family tree.

The difference between me and Karyn is Karyn has "pull". Many incidents have occured in Karyn's life which her family has bailed her out. Not so much with me. Karyn's been afforded a luxurious lifestyle by the decisions SHE made, not me. And her sense of self-entitlement are the fault of her father.

I think it's high time to have accountability in instances like this. I can spare absolutely no sympathy to a selfish self-absorbed mooch when a person out there is struggling to support a family paycheck to paycheck and has to steal to feed his family.

Merry Christmas to you, sir.

MP said...

Yeah, this whole thing has been...bizarre. In fact, the whole world seems to be getting more bizarre.

Or maybe we just hear about it more. Either way, I blame global warming.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I'll fix my blog after exams are over (2 to go!)

Dan E said...

Sad, Sad, Sad... I think I saw this in one of HM's comments on I agree HM. Ms. McConnell has not been convicted of anything yet. But lets be real here, she will be.

I had the opportunity to meet Ms. McConnell on several occasions. I often tell people that I am a Democrat DESPITE many in my party locally. It would be arrogant for me to judge all of her behaviors based on a few interactions on the campaign trail. Still, lets not be wimps here. She does seem to have a litany of poor choices, the consequences of which have come calling. So be it. It is her life. I shudder to think of the wasted resources involved in trying to find her, though suspect our noble law enforcement saw this was a farce early one, thus sparing them lost man hours.

My plea is that you forget she is a woman of African descent. The daughter of a Judge and product of ample resources. Judge her actions as a person, no more.

I pray for the times when Toledo makes National new for positive reasons. This is apparently far more egregious than Carty's "deaf people by the airport," blunder, but none-the-less a bruise on a city so desperate to heal and grow. For this, her reputation will haunt her. For her actions, she should face no more or less than anyone else in the court of law.

Toledo Pride?

Mad Jack said...

Good post, Mike.

I don't cut her any slack. Let her go to jail for a while and think about what she did.

marine02xx said...

The media has made it clear that the city is looking to charge her with a misdemeanor. I have even thought about overlooking her leaving her son at daycare, lying about her abduction to her husband and the country and lying to authorities on the abduction. Let’s look at the level of intelligence she THOUGHT she had. According to recent news articles, she has possibly cheated a number of insurance agencies by stealing checks from clients (who hired her by the way) who rated settlements. She has also made the intellectual mistake of believing she could outsmart the Internal Revenue Service. A former council woman at her age, experience and reputation for public service forgot the one thing that poor people value more than money, their reputation and integrity. People say that she was stressed and needed to get away. She was willing to leave her family and people that she provided herself to and decided to just walk away. The more she lied, the deeper the whole she dug. Yes, we have all made mistakes, but I don’t see this as a mistake. I see it as a purposeful attempt to con people who she felt was less intelligence than she. I think we should be understanding and encourage her to recover from this ordeal. However, there are a number of charges she should face besides filing a false police report. What comes to mind? Insurance fraud, forgery, tax evasion and I’m sure there are other infractions as authorities peel back the union. You can pray until the cows come home, but prayer should not substitute justice. Not serving justice will take way the credibility from our legal system and encourage others with means and money to cheat others. I say we not judge, but simply hold her accountable and maintain a standard of integrity.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Your post shows your characteristic tact and composition; you are to be commended.

I will reserve further comment until the full story is known...

Anonymous said...

Very well said, and true. Great article. I, also, had prayed for her, and she isn't anyone that I know. However, her husband is questionable at best in this, as well. His behavior about wanting to "give the story" to CNN or BET because the media guys didn't do as he asked was just beyond reason. It was almost as if the whole thing was created by the two of them for attention, sympathy, or who knows what.

Anonymous said...

April 12th 2008
I think most of us knew nothing would happen to Karyn(no jail time)
after all her daddy is a judge.
Her next charge will come out the same way.If her husband knew of a "meltdown" that's been happening the last couple years,then why bring a new baby into it?

Deeja said...

You wrote your opinion. You said what you felt and what alot of people feel. Thats my cousin Im not ashamed of her and i hope nobody in my family is. She did what she did and its bullshit! Now she gotta do four years i hope all yall happy now! i personnallly think thats too much damn time! But it is what it is peace!.

Anonymous said...

i used to work for karyn i will say what goes around comes around she would walk around the office looking down on the the rest of the workers or making snide remarks if u ever read this post u remember the day i came into ur office and told u what one of ur employees was doing but u dimissed what i was telling u now u have had to pay for and will continue to do so with your reputation i swear how shook my head in shame when that bullitn first came out about u being missing i knew it was a lie becasue of the way u used to treat the clients.... shame on u and i will say thkis that is lone reason why i walked out of this job as you have and will get what u deserve