Dec 15, 2007

Santa Welcomes Dogs and Cats

(Toledo, OH) Santa Claus never forgets our pets, and the Jolly One is making visits at the PetSmart location in Spring Meadows on Saturdays and Sundays before December 25 to wish good doggies and kitties a Merry Christmas.

Now, given the American predilection for overfeeding our pets, I might suggest that a treadmill is in order for some of these hefty critters, but my excess baggage leaves me hardly in a position to criticize overweight dogs and cats.

Santa's visits are sponsored by Planned Pethood, a worthy animal rescue group in Northwest Ohio for whom my wife and I foster dogs. In case you were wondering, the beautiful female Jindo we were fostering was adopted today. While we grew quickly attached to this 2-year-old sweetie, we are glad that she has found a good home.

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