Dec 1, 2007

Snow in Toledo

(Toledo, OH) I knew that a winter storm was on its way to Northwest Ohio, yet I was surprised at how quickly the frozen precipitation began to accumulate. I looked outside shortly after 6:00 pm and there was nary a flake, yet by 6:45 pm a solid ½" of snow had collected on the ground. This is the kind of night one might envision being curled up in front of a fireplace in one of those Pigeon Forge cabins, sipping hot cider and reading an entertaining novel.

This is the first significant accumulation we have seen in the area this season. My dogs were rather reluctant to venture out into the wintry weather, but I am even more averse to cleaning up indoor dog excrement, so this battle of wills was short-lived.

The snow will likely turn to rain by Sunday morning, and our early-arriving winter will pass, but at least for one evening I am enjoying the falling snow from the comfort of my house, secure in the knowledge that I will not likely have to travel on the icy roads.

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