Jan 30, 2008

Arctic Blast Claims First Victim

(Toledo, OH) The sudden arrival into Northwest Ohio of a cold air mass from the Arctic meant the demise of the driver's side door handle to my 1995 Hyundai Accent. Given the fact that biterly cold winds followed last night's heavy rains, my doors were iced over.

I thought that I was applying gentle pressure in my efforts to free the door, but alas, the molded plastic handle snapped like a cheap matchstick.

The irony of this, however, was that I was preparing to take another vehicle to the repair shop for a door handle replacement (not weather-related). For the moment I am now the proud owner of two vehicles for which the normally effortless task of opening the driver's door is now a complicated, cross-vehicle excursion across motorized real estate.


The Screaming Nutcase said...

At least a door handle is superficial. I had a 1992 Lumina with doors iced shut, and pulled on the (metal) handle so hard that something inside the door ended up popping.

Barb said...

If misery loves company-- I tried to bring down my driver's side power window a couple weeks ago on that very cold Sunday and the window was frozen apparently --and I heard a loud pop and blew a fuse that took out my whole dashboard and ultimately the driving power. I had just paid a lot of money to have a new power window motor installed on that side --and it worked for a couple of weeks before blowing the fuse.

It's still in the shop. I'm hoping to keep my old 95 Caddy. I don't drive a lot. So far JUST 299.83 for the fuse box clean up --they said it was stored under the left front fender and all the fuses were corroded in and there was no new box of the same kind to be had --or junk yard either, so they improvised and fixed it --and then found something else to fix --my "idle motor?" I did know that my car would idle fast and accelerate of its own accord, also so I hope this fixes that problem. I let AAA tow my car to their car care center, my first experience with them.

LTLOP said...

Actually Mike I think its time to lay off the HGH!