Jan 23, 2008

Meet Gretl, a Rescue Dachshund

Gretl is a four-year-old, twelve-pound Dachshund who suffered years of abuse and neglect as a breeding dog at a puppy mill. She was rescued by a Planned Pethood volunteer from a local pound, and was scheduled to be euthanized at the time of her rescue.

Gretl has spent most of her four years locked in a cage, and at the time of rescue was suffering from an inguinal hernia that the breeder neglected to fix. The vet repaired her hernia in the process of spaying her, and she is fine now. She is a bit skittish around new people, though she warms up quickly. We are working on housebreaking Gretl, and teaching her basic social skills, such as walking on a leash and going outdoors on her own.

The perfect home for Gretl would be one that understands that this dog needs some time and a lot of love to overcome the years of neglect. Gretl is easily startled by loud noises and sudden movements, but she will sit quietly if picked up and petted. She has not demonstrated any negative behaviors, and she has a streak of Doxie inquisitiveness about her.

Gretl will provide many years of love for a person who has the patience to wait for trust to build between dog and owner, but she would probably best thrive in a house with regular routines and a lower level of activity. For more information on Gretl, or any other rescue dog, please visit the Planned Pethood website.

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Mad Jack said...

Nice of you to take in a rescue dog, Mike. Dachshunds are good dogs, generally speaking, and it's a proven fact that nothing goes through a sack of rats faster than a dachshund. You might want to mention that fact to anyone interested in Gretl.

For my part, I'm trying to find a home for a nice, white bunny or four. Two boys and two girls, kept in separate cages, thank you. These two are laboratory rejects - they were deemed unsuitable for lab work, and so are being put up for adoption by the head biologist.