Jan 28, 2008

On Avoiding the State of the Union Speech

I typically make it a point to watch the annual dog-and-pony show known as the State of the Union Address. Although I am a lifelong political independent, I still find the event to offer some insight into contemporary politics, and there is usually enough drama to keep me entertained.

I think that I have watched all or part of some thirty SOTU speeches over my lifetime, and I have considered this to be a civic duty almost on par with voting. Of course, I spend more time scoffing at the inanity of the speakers and commentators, but we all have our reasons for watching, right?

This year, though, I feel no compelling desire to watch President Bush give his final SOTU speech. He is unlikely to reveal any innovative domestic policies, as evidenced by his relative lack of domestic initiatives to date as a President. He will likely repeat the same Iraq mantras to which we have grown so accustomed, and will no doubt point to a recent decline in Iraqi violence as "proof" of his administration's failed Iraq policies.

There will also likely be the usual staged opposition pageantry, with choreographed standing, sitting, clapping, or silence from Democrats at the expected moments. We can also expect a number of extended camera shots on any Presidential candidates who happen to be in the House Chamber tonight, along with every war hero, orphaned child, and insurance-less cancer patient that the assembled politicians can squeeze in to the festivities.

Folks, I am just tired. I am tired of the political shenanigans, tired of a lying President, tired of a spineless Congress, and I am tired from working harder than a two-dollar Thai hooker on fifty-cent night just to make ends meet. So I will probably find a book, read about ten pages, and fall asleep before the last drop of insincerity sprays from the mouth of President Bush, well before the predictable Democratic responses, and long before the last of the pundits blathers on about what we already heard in the previous hour.

Wake me if something significant happens, will you?


microdot said...

Luckily, I'm on the other side of the planet. I think the high point will be Cheney's medication kicking in at mid way and he nods off!

Hooda Thunkit said...


"Wake me if something significant happens, will you?"

Not likely, as it'll be more of a "Best of Bush" recap..., whatever that is or could be.

Robin said...

I'll be missing out, because I'll be at work. Some nights I feel so happy that I work 2nd shift! :)

mud_rake said...

I'm cleaning out my junk drawer from 9 - 10 Pm

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for cable!

Barb said...

He did an excellent job. See my blog post.

Granted, Historymike, you captured all the usual traditions of the event --the frosty scornful looks on democrats' faces, the hearty support of the GOP. Do you really think they plan ahead of time their standing O's --as in "choreography?" I thought it was spontaneous! a sort of "follow the leader" event.

However, Bush didn't acknowledge any of those special guests in the audience as you predicted --except Donna Shalala and Bob Dole -- who have a joint project --but I can't even remember what it is.