Jan 18, 2008

On the Joys of a New Laptop

Left: my new laptop

While I have certainly received my money's worth from my trusty Presario V2000, a floor model I purchased for a mere $455, it became evident that my online workload necessitated a machine that could more quickly process data, and I was also in need on a laptop that possessed the ability to run Vista and the Microsoft 2007 Suite.

No snide comments from Mac users, as I fully realize that I am a slave to the Microsoft/PC Matrix.

I purchased a Sony VAIO Notebook for $549 that has over one gigabyte in RAM and 141 total gigs of memory. I noticed that moderate-sized video clips download almost instantaneously with no buffering or getting hung up. MS-Word and other Evil Monopoly programs open immediately, and the virus check on files is measured in microseconds instead of the eight-second delay on my older machine.

Better still, my techno-savvy wife uploaded Vista and the Microsoft package for me, as well as being incredibly kind enough to download all my files from the old laptop to an external server and then on to my new laptop. Bachelors: marry a woman whose skills complement your own, and you will live a happy life. My wife is also a whiz with electric saws, sewing machines, T-squares, and differential equations, none of which I exhibit even the slightest compentency.


Hooda Thunkit said...


You are indeed blessed!


craig said...

Apple is the evil monopoly. Had they allowed other vendors to build computers with their OS on them, they would have stood toe-to-toe with Microsoft. Their proprietary iPod format is a PITA, also.