Jan 21, 2008

Quirky Websites: LibraryThing

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I know, I know: the last thing that busy people need is another social networking website, but I think that the site known as LibraryThing offers bibliophiles a useful site to learn about excellent books and to meet like-minded fellow readers.

Follow this link to take the LibraryThing tour and learn the possibilities inherent in this unusual site. LibraryThing acts as an online cataloguing site in addition to its networking unctions, and over 330,000 users have catalogued 22 million books. There are forums to talk about specific books or genres, and users write reviews about the books they read.

Knowing what you like to read, the LibraryThing software will recommend up to 100 books you might want to read, as well as offering an UnSuggester tool that gives you humorous suggestions of books to avoid. I quickly entered a dozen books from the historymike library, and I am now able to receive recommendations and conect with other readers.

Those who enjoy the service can also upgrade to premium user status for $10 a year, or $25 for a lifetime membership. Hey - the creator needs to make a buck to eat, and server space is not exactly free.

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