Jan 13, 2008

Quirky Websites: Tasty Insect Recipes

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The name of this website says everything you really need to know about its author's aims: Tasty Insect Recipes. Sponsored by Iowa State University's entomology club, the site offers readers a variety of ways to prepare crawling critters that most of us would just as soon smash than eat.

A visit to the site brings recipes for such culinary delights as Mealworm Fried Rice, Corn Borer Cornbread Muffins, and Rootworm Beetle Dip. I suppose that these items probably have palatable tastes, and that I might even unwittingly enjoy them, but it is certainly difficult to overcome the socially-induced Western revulsion toward eating insects.

At any rate, bon appétit!

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microdot said...

My wife is in Thailand, now, and just emailed me about going to a Thai market with her nephew where there were dealers in tasty wriggly beetle larvae...supposedly like lobster when deep fried and the most interesting, piquant wriggly live black scorpions!
Maybe when she gets back, I can share some pictures with you.
You have to admit between the two issues of global warming, which is conducive to rapid insect growth and the growing needs of protein on the third world........

Can I give you my recipe for breaded Beetle larvae Parmesane?