Jan 19, 2008

Rapid Rhetoric: TELESTHESIA

Raphael's depiction of Plato defining the difference between true and false rhetoric This is an irregular feature - both in frequency and oddness - dedicated to a word I came across that I have never previously used.

telesthesia (tell-uh-STEE-zhah) n. perception of events or objects not actually present or near; clairvoyance; response to distant stimuli through extrasensory methods; extrasensory perception.

Also spelled telaesthesia, the term comes to English from the Greek roots tele ("far") and aisthesis ("sensation"). Those who claim the power of telesthesia are known as telesthetics. I am not sure if telesthetics need to be concerned about such modern considerations as travel health insurance, though.

Anyways, Telesthesia is also the title of a black-and-white 2005 silent film by independent filmmaker Jarrod Whaley.

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