Jan 29, 2008

Waiting for the Storm

Left: My wet driveway

(Toledo, OH) Northwest Ohio is bracing for an unusual weather pattern for the next 24 hours that will begin with rain, but which will get strange as high winds bring in extremely cold temperatures. We might see only a few inches of snow, but the sudden onslaught of cold winds will likely mean the formation of a layer of ice below the snow.

The National Weather Service issued both a Hazardous Weather Outlook and a High Wind Warning for the area, with winds gusts as high as 55 mph, occasioanl thunder, and wind chill values as low as -8.

At the moment, the temperature is an almost-balmy 48 degreees Fahrenheit, and there is a light drizzle. The cold front is over central Indiana at the time of this writing, and we will see a 35-40 degree drop in temperatures in the next eight hours or so.

My wife and children are crossing their fingers for a snow day tomorrow, but Wednesdays are a light workday for me, so I am ambivalent about the weather prospects. That being said, I much prefer my current life in academia than my old career as a retail business owner, in which winter storms meant poor sales, stranded employees, and hard-to-find snowplow drivers.

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Mad Jack said...

This weather brought to you by the friendly folks in Wisconsin!

We began with the temperature in the 40s this morning and the wind kicking up nicely. By afternoon the rain had started, and by 3:00 PM (our time) we had a nice layer of ice on the car. At 5:00 I was driving home and almost lost it doing 25 downhill. This is a fairly gentle slope with three lanes and a berm. I saw two cars on the berm, one facing the wrong way and the other somewhat skewed. Then I realized I was gaining speed with my foot off the gas, and because my car is front wheel drive with a standard transmission, the drag of the engine was causing the front end to act squirrelly. I threw out the clutch and coasted past the two cars, straighted out and came to a stop at the bottom.

This is the worst weather I've seen in these parts.