Feb 1, 2008

A Day's Difference in the Yard

(Toledo, OH) I planned to take before-and-after photos of my yard as a winter storm approached the area, but I forgot that my digital camera tends to cloud images with a bluish hue in late afternoons without sunlight, not unlike that given off by plasma cutting tools.

At any rate, we received about five inches of heavy snow overnight, closing schools in the area and giving me an excuse not to leave the house.

BTW - I hope that no one tells Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner that my neighbors left their trash cans out an extra day, as it appears that the house across the street contains trash can scofflaws.


Barb said...

at first glance i thought the 2nd photo was a reflection in water of the first --but of course it wasn't. nice yard. nice trees!

Robin said...

Has anyone ever gotten a ticket for leaving their trash cans on the curb? I used to have a these neighbors, three straight weeks, before they moved they would pile garbage on the curb on Thursday while garbage day is on Wednesday. There have also been times when it looks like a house has thrown up on the front lawn onto the curb and it takes a couple weeks before the garbage men haul it away.