Feb 3, 2008

Giants 17, Patriots 14, and I Get Bragging Rights

Left: New York Giants QB Eli Manning celebrating a touchdown pass in the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots; photo courtesy of Reuters

This was one of the most entertaining of Super Bowls, and I especially enjoy the fact that the game went right down to the last seconds. Congratulations to the New York Giants, who thumbed their noses at the bettors, who pushed the betting line up to two touchdowns in this game.

I get to do a celebratory dance, having picked the G-Men to win by three points, albeit by a predicted score of 27-24. Besides Frank Caliendo, the only other people I saw picking the Giants were Dr. Z and Damon Hack at SI.com.

My only complaint was that this year's crop of Super Bowl commercials was mostly forgettable. I had only two legitimate chuckles during the entire run, both courtesy of Bud Light. I laughed at the fire-breathing spot, and when the subtitled caveman pronounced: "Wheel suck."

Anways, congrats again to Eli, Plaxico, the G-Men defense, and the rest of the team, who proved once again that it is good to get hot at playoff time.

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