Feb 4, 2008

Joran van der Sloot: Cold-Blooded Killer, or Borderline Idiot?

Patrick van der Eem, the Dutch man who laid a trap for Natalee Holloway suspect Joran van der SlootPhoto courtesy of ABC News

I read with more than a little interest the ABC News report on Patrick van der Eem, the Dutch man who laid a trap for Joran van der Sloot, long considered to be a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. ABC will be running a special this evening on the taped confession of van der Sloot.

Translated excerpts of the videotape have been appearing all over the Internet, and van der Sloot certainly loses any credibility he once had. We are faced with a dilemma, though: do we accept the videotape at face value, believing van der Sloot's tale of dumping a comatose Natalee Holloway from a boat off the shore of Aruba, or do we believe his new story, which is that he lied on the tape to impress the faux gangster van der Eem?

Unfortunately for the Holloway family, it appears that authorities believe the tape has no value in a prosecution, as Aruba’s examining judge refused to issue a new warrant for the arrest of van der Sloot. Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, told reporters that she felt a "kind of relief" at the revelations on the tape.

As I watched the tape and read the transcripts, I did not get the sense that van der Sloot told a story that was complete in its fabrication. I think the drug-using punk at the very least knows the details of Holloway's death, although he may have embellished the story to score points with his "gangster" pal van der Eem. At any rate, may van der Sloot be dragged into a dark alley by leather-clad dudes with lead pipes and chains for a serious arse-kicking, if for no other reason than being such a smarmy schmuck.


Robin said...

I've always been under the impression that Joran van der Sloot was responsible for Natalie Holloway's disappearance. I also think he's a punk assed idiot.

ProfessorSeal said...


This is your buddy Jim from UT. Let me be the first to say the inevitable: "You don't even know Joran you fu&#*@( ass*(&# how dare you judge him! Only God can judge him. I know the real Joran and he is a nice caring guy who could not harm a fly."

Barb said...

So what was the tape about, Professoreseal?

I guess you were quoting the inevitable --as you said --not yourself.

There is usually one in every crowd to come to the defense of the rather obviously guilty --like our recent drunk driver. The truly remorseful deserve mercy --but some appear to be sociopathic.

ProfessorSeal said...


I think you caught my sarcasm. HistoryMike and I have had several discussions lately about the idiots who come to the defense of the drunk drivers and other scum of society, and I would bet that most of the time the people who start swearing on this blog really have no idea who the accused is!

historymike said...


Probably too many blogs and new sites covering the story for the van der Sloot Posse to get busy and defend him.

Either that, or everyone who supported Joran feels like a fool after the videotape.

Barb said...

IT's OJ Simpson all over again--if we don't prosecute the obvious. The death may have been accidental but the cover-up was cruel and sociopathic.

Anonymous said...

He is a real idiot.