Feb 26, 2008

On Days with Heavy Snow

A winter storm is passing through Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan as I write this post, and snowfall in my area will likely wind up between 10 and 12 inches by the time the precipitation ends. There are already 5.5 inches of snow in my yard according to my unofficial measurement.

I normally view winter storms with a measure of chagrin, as colleges are among the most reluctant of institutions to close for inclement weather. Yet I was pleasantly surprised to find that the college at which I was scheduled to teach today made the wise decision to cancel classes.

This is the first time that I have personally benefitted from a snow day since perhaps 1980, and I am quite pleased with this outcome. Had the college stayed open, I would have driven at least an hour each way in treacherous conditions to teach a class likely half its normal size. Instead, I gain four hours of time that I can use to catch up on a mountain of work.

For those who must still venture out in the storm: you have my condolences, and I hope that you exercise caution on the roadways. As for me? I look forward to a snow day with even more appreciation than I exhibited decades ago as a kid, though I doubt I will venture dust off a toboggan in celebration.


The Screaming Nutcase said...

And to think I'm stuck in Lima with my cross-country skis back in Toledo. (shakes head) I specifically left them behind after looking at the forecast, thinking, "It will never snow enough this week to be worth putting the skis on for."


microdot said...

Eat your heart out, check out the post First Signs on thebrainpolice for some of our bizarre too much spring too soon!