Feb 22, 2008

Toledo in the Presidential Campaign Spotlight

Toledo in warmer weather

As an independent voter, I have less interest in the upcoming Ohio primary on March 4 than do partisan types, but as an observer of history and politics, this is a unique time to be living in Toledo. John McCain visited the area yesterday, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have events scheduled thsi weekend in the Glass City.

I think I will skip the Clinton event at 9:00 pm tonight, which will take place at Whitmer High School. Part of me would like to see the event, at the very least as a lesson in political sociology, but the thought of listening to the wonkish Senator Clinton for an hour is not appealing. She might yet find a way to the White House, but it will not be through her calculating, les-than-lively speeches.

Barack Obama will hold a rally at The University of Toledo's Savage Hall this Sunday, Feb. 24, beginning at 4:20 p.m. I may attend this event to see the Obama phenomenon up close, though if I attend I will probably spend more time watching the crowd than listening to the Illinois senator's rhetoric. If nothing else, there is a passion and devotion among Obama supporters that borders on the religious, and I would like to witness firsthand the mania.

I also feel fortunate as an independent voter that the three most likely bodies to occupy the Oval Office - Obama, McCain, and Clinton - are all people I could at least learn to live with. McCain is to my mind the Republican least likely to continue the hardline partisanship of the last thirteen years (though his pro-war stance is off-putting, and I hope that he is a purchaser of medical id bracelets), while Obama and Clinton offer at least the promise of a change in direction after eight years of the failed presidency of GWB.

Or maybe this slight optimism is a function of my third cup of coffee.


plaxeico is god said...

Clinton is the only one with a brain. A vote for Obama is a vote for hot air, while a vote for McCain is a ticket to Crazyville.

Mad Jack said...

Hitlery may have brains, but she also has an agenda that's terrifyingly bad for the US of A. Unless, of course, you're rich as Croesus, don't mind being involved in an extensive police action in the Middle East and enjoy having your civil rights eroded away one large chunk at a time.

I hear the line at the door was longer than the line of bull Hitlery's been serving up to the public ever since slick willie left town.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Obama in person and close up.

He is wonderful and brilliant, which is hard for many people, even ones who think they are liberal to except in people of color.

Hitlery is a fascist bitch.

You will enjoy Obama and the crowd, it will be like looking at a ray of hope.

Ortho said...

So, did you go to the Obama rally? If you did, did any women faint?

mud_rake said...

Mad jack- now that we know that you won't be voting for Hillary, who will you be supporting?

Can you give us some positive ideas on your choice rather than dissing candidates?