Mar 1, 2008

Contacting historymike

Contacting me can be a bit problematic, as I often shut my phone off for days at a time. Email is your best bet, though my spam filters have an annoying tendency to filter out legitimate messages, while letting through a dozen Russian language spam emails a day.

A few caveats:

1. While I sometimes write on legal issues, I am not a person who can provide expert legal advice, or who can provide help to incarcerated inmates in their efforts to obtain justice.
2. Due to the volume of mail I receive, I am unable to provide help to high school students writing research papers.
3. I heartily wish entrepreneurs luck in their endeavors to launch new webzines or newspapers, but I am at the point in my career where I choose to no longer write for free. If you want to pitch a freelance journalism assignment my way, have checkbook in hand.

Items I am more likely to respond to:

1. Scholars who wish to exchange research ideas, who are looking for research advice, or who are looking for specific citation information.
2. News organizations who are looking for commentary or quotes.
3. Offers for freelance writing or editing (again, I speak the language of revenue).
4. Offers for part-time employment (have degrees, will teach).

Now, if I have not yet offended you, the best email at which to contact me is as follows:

Avoid sending attachments or emails with a bunch of HTML when you first contact me, as that seems to send the spam filters into hyperactive mode.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
You sound like a "no-nonsense" guy so here it is. I am a free-lance writer myself (google or yahoo me) and in late March I received my first e-mail from "Hohe hoholulu" starting with "Guten Tag."
Since then I have received 2 more. What amazes and baffles me is that whoever this person is KNOWS a lot about me, where I live (and I live in the Azores) but the EXACT location plus that I left the States due to serious problems with the medical establishment on the South Coast of MA, am a plaintiff in proceedings coming up in Boston soon and I fwded the info to my BOARD INVESTIGATORS. Their equipment removed the e-mails until I sent the first and most threatening plus most specific as an attachment. Is it possible that this is a way to scare a person you WANT to scare or hurt without being detected? I have also received insulting phone calls from the US from blocked numbers which I did prior to my leaving the States.
What's the scoop here??????
Inge P.

David A. Andelman said...

At the risk of duplicating myself (since I did also send this via your e-mail address!) ...
I did want to call your attention to my compelling new book -- a look at the Treaty of Versailles and its immense consequences down to the present day (including a detailed section on the rise of Bolshevism in Russia and Europe) -- "A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today" [] published by Wiley and available at and most bookstores !
The author (myself) -- executive editor of and a veteran foreign correspondent for The New York Times and CBS News is also
available for speeches and lectures esp at colleges & universities, in person or by speaker- or video-phone!
David A. Andelman

Flip Wilson said...

You seem like one of the more level-headed people I've never met. I consider myself an amateur history buff and read your post about Nazi Germany with considerable interest. Not to mention you have great taste in music and books.

Brian Keith O'Hara said...

Incredibly interesting website, though I don't necessarily agree with some of your opinions. I look upon Nicholas II a lot more favorably than many. Especially his efforts to stop WWI, which I have never viewed as the "great war". It was a terrible, stupid war, much more in line with Barbara Tuchman's Analysis than Churchill. One of Candidates for the ashe heap of history is Kerensky. What exactly did he accomplish in overthrowing the Czar? Nothing he continued almost exactly the same policies with the same horrendous results. I have come to view General Kornilov much more favorably. He saw that something must be done before the situation spiraled out of control. The Czar doesn't get credit for sponsoring the Hague Conventions and Geneva Conventions and almost alone among World leaders opposing World War I. 20,000,000 people died and still haven't figured out why. World War II was everything that World War Claimed to be and wasn't: a battle of good vs. evil.
Brian Keith O'Hara