Mar 6, 2008

Meet Percy, a Rescue Dachshund

Percy is a 1-1/2-year-old, 19-pound male Dachshund who was originally a rescued stray from Fulton County. He found an adoptive home a few months ago, but the adoptive owners decided that they could not handle housebreaking Percy, so he is back with us.

This is Percy's second time in our home, and he really is a sweet, sweet boy who loves to cuddle and play. He gets along fine with other dogs and children, and he is quite protective of his foster home, possessing a deep bark that he uses when strangers appear. Around the other dogs he generally defers to the alpha, but he certainly knows how to stand up for himself, in spite of his four-inch Dachshund legs.

One of Percy's best traits is his easy-going, agreeable manner, and he is always game for whatever the rest of the house wants to do. He likes rawhide bones and dog toys, though he will occasionally chew on inappropriate items left on the floor, such as pencils and pens.

Since he returned to foster care, we discovered that Percy had a urinary tract infection, which might have interfered with his ability to be fully housebroken. As it stands, Percy goes outside about 80 percent of the time, and his accidents tend to occur when he is inside for more than a few hours. He is undergoing antibiotic treatment for the UTI, and we will see if this helps in his progress toward being completely housebroken.

We must insist that Percy's next home be one in which the owners will make a commitment to properly train him to go to the bathroom outside, or who can live with the occasional accident. He has bounced around too many homes in the past year, but in spite of the chaos he remains one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet.

For more information on Percy, or any other rescue dog, please visit the Planned Pethood website.

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Roberta said...

Yer killin' me, Mike. You know how I feel about this pup... *sigh.*

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