Mar 18, 2008

Meet Rory, a Rescue Cocker Spaniel

Pictured on your left is Rory, a 35-pound, three-year-old chocolate cocker spaniel who was dropped off at an area dog pound by his owner. She told the agency that she "didn't like the way he was acting" around one of her children, although she said Rory had not bitten anyone.

When the Planned Pethood volunteer brought this handsome fellow home, she discovered that Rory might have had a reason to be a bit cranky: stuck in his bushy hindquarters was a wire hairband that had been poking him for an unknown amount of time. The device was so thoroughly intertwined with Rory's hair that it had to be cut out.

The poor dog's fur was a complete mess, filled with snarls, tangles, and mats that we had to cut quite a bit of his longer hair. After a few baths, though, Rory no longer smells like a skunk, and he still has the wavy mane on top of his head that makes him look like a distinguished gentleman.

Left: Metallic source of irritation for Rory

Rory is housebroken, though he did mark in the house a few times when he first arrived. He gets along well with other dogs, and is more of a follower than a leader. He has a deep bark when he sees strangers, and Rory demonstrated territoriality in his first day as he woofed at the new people he met. Rory likes rawhide bones, and he does not seem to chew inappropriate items. He is a little nervous riding in the car, and prefers to sit with his head on someone's lap while in the vehicle.

Rory likes to think he is a lapdog, and is quite affectionate with the people in our house. He knows a few basic commands, such as "sit" and "outside," and he loves to lope around the backyard with the other dogs. He seems to prefer to sleep with or near people, and he whined for about ten minutes when we kept him gated in the kitchen on his first night.

For more information on Rory, or any other rescue dog, please visit the Planned Pethood website.

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