Mar 27, 2008

On Bizarre and Mysterious Emails

Screen capture of the weird email; click to enlarge

In spite of the presence of a pair of spam filters, a fair amount of spam infests my email account each day. Most of the garbage that passes through the filters ultimately seeks to convince me to purchase some product, while the senders of other emails seek to phish personal information or pass along some virus.

These types of emails make a certain rational - albeit quasi-criminal - sense.

Then there are the seemingly pointless emails, like the strange textual missive I received this afternoon from a "Vanheuse Deuermeyer" with the subject line "vermeer":


Hohe hoholulu

One, do thou so act that his caravan may soon in which people destitute of intelligence become the grief of the kinsmen seemed to abate, and in joy and waved their garments. Then the mighty short distance of the ancient abbey of pavilly burdwan version repeats the error. K.p. Singha, likewise brought in any auncient fabricio. You pithanon. One important opinion maintained by him, in fact, in order that, protected by me, he is now become for fame and glory, the first whoever repeateth them, undoubtedly secureth fame, real journey into space should commence in the vows, and observances. but they have again to likely girl, said samson, as they were driving of your cheek. I'm chairman. I mean the one corney.
This email had no links to porn sites, no apparent sales pitches for items like a Hilton Head rental, and contained seemingly random snippets of text. Some of the phrases are taken from an English translation of the Sanskrit epic The Mahābhārata, while others appear to have their origin in The Wisdom of Niccol Machiavelli.

I have tried a few tricks to see if there is a hidden message, but I do not see any logical solution to this puzzle. The only guess I can hazard is that this email is intentionally baffling in order to elicit a response from a bewildered recipient and thus verify whether the email account is "live" or not.

Anways, feel free to offer your insights in the comments section on the nature of such bizarre emails.


Anonymous said...

This is my spam e mail... also tried to figured out... cant see the connection...


If I came along samething else I'll post here and maybe we'll figure this out...


Hohe hoholulu

He said once you were beautiful. But he has never world even
like a mother, while infamy killeth become of prussia had
not the prussian king so apparently for the sole purpose
of exerting a undeserving, of sorrow and griefs due to the
conduct were no widows and none that was helpless. Indeed,
the hardheaded french peasant, who invariably (to me the
zinta), cried the chief behind and i cannot dispel. O lord
of the universe, i am of the sons and daughters of god the
first estate are regarded, o yudhishthira, as always performing
own side those that are angry (with thy foes), slip away
from him and leave nothing. His intellect that he knelt
down, he became perfect, absolutely fearing, as i do, the
reproach of the world, i."

microdot said...

gadfrey, they both seem to have been generated by some kind of random text engine...
I used to get stuff like that but not lately.

Robin said...

I've received emails like that and have immediately run my virus protection after opening them.

The Commentator said...

Lucky you. I still get friendly people from Nigeria spilling some sob story promising to give me $8 million bucks.

It's so blatant in its scam artistry that only a sub-human fool could fall for it. Yet, I hear many do.

Anonymous said...

I have a site dedicated to these spam messages -

It explains what these text samples are all about, as well as turning them into stories/poems/dramas.

Anonymous said...

Nei Ho,

Hohe hoholulu

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know him since he was a baby, y'understand, face, shrewd
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